”Kidnapping Originated In Igboland, But Are Kidnappers Called Igbokidnappers?, It’s An Insult To Attribute All Killings To Fulani” –Northern Governors

The  19 Northern Governors have defended the Fulani following killings by herdsmen in part of the country


Following their meeting in Kaduna yesterday,chairman of the Northern States Governors Forum (NSGF) and Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Kashim Shettima, said it was an insult to consider criminals as Fulani.


He said:


“We want to unequivocally condemn the recent killings in Enugu and other parts of the country. But we equally condemn the politicization or permit me, the ‘ethinicisation’ of the whole crisis,”
“It goes beyond Fulani. If anything happens, they say Fulani herdsmen. To me, it is an insult. Kidnapping in this country originated in the Southeast, were they called Igbo kidnappers? We have a great national challenge and we want to call on all and sundry to come and let us solve our common challenges as a people, because the blood of paternity that binds us together supersedes whatever differences that might divide us.”


He also condemned the Agatu killings and  charged the media to avoid sensationalism and harp on issues that bind the Nigerians together.
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  1. It is not surprising that Shetima is the spokesman. Shetima is used to blood spilling and wants all other parts of the country to go in flames like his state. Is there any doubt that the only senseless KILLERS (those that are hungry for blood, and celebrate when human beings are slaughtered) are Fulanis/Hausas? It is true not to take every Fulani to a killer, but every Herdsman that senselessly kills in Nigeria is a Fulani! It is getting clearer every day that all these killings are organized AGENDA against non-Hausa/Fulani Muslims. But let it be known that the patience of all diverse ethnics constituting the body of Christianity will soon get exhausted, and that happens there will be alliance against Fulanis. No ethnicity has a monopoly of violence nor has a monopoly of the means and sources of Armoury.
    The deliberate silence and body languages of BUHARI is a supportive testimonial to Fulani Herdsmen's senseless killings.
    It is high time all Christians and non-Fulanis/Hausa built up DEFENSIVE and PROTECTIVE ALLIANCE before it becomes late.

  2. You are wrong Mr Shettima. Kidnapping did not start from the southeast but from the sout south as a protest to the harm and devastation your like visited on that region. Please endeavor to get your facts right before speaking to the public.

  3. Do whatever u think u can, but remember the life of over 3.1 million igbo cockroaches living in the are in great trouble.


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