BREAKING: Angry Buhari Walks Out On Ministers Over N20 MillionAccommodation Package


The euphoria that greeted the appointment of many members of the Federal Executive Council of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has waned into a litany of woes as ministers are facing stark working conditions, the most ridiculous of which is lack of decent accommodation.

An informed source who did not want to be named told SIGNAL weekend how President Buhari walked out on a meeting with a team of ministers who scheduled a meeting with the President last Wednesday on behalf of their colleagues to make a case for decent accommodation. The ministers, led by Youth and Sports Minister Solomon Dalung had sought the audience of President Buhari to acquaint him with what ministers in his cabinet were suffering when all of a sudden the President stood up and ‘excused himself’ leaving the ministers dejected and hopeless.

“The ministers have been facing serious challenges with accommodation and they put their heads together to go and see the President hoping that they could persuade him to do something. Dalung was the spokesperson of the ministers, Communication Minister Adebayo Shittu was also at the meeting. Where the problem started was when Dalung started making reference to how ministers got a nice accommodation package under previous governments. He actually said that under Jonathan, ministers were given N20 million each for accommodation. When he said that Buhari asked if he meant N20 million for all the ministers and Dalung replied that it was N20 million per person. It was at this point that Buhari stood up and said he was taking his leave and leaving Osinbajo to “sort it out” with them”, the source disclosed.

Buhari’s ministers have been complaining about the meager N4 million approved by Buhari for their accommodation. The Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu was only recently able to get an accommodation in Abuja after his state governor, Abiola Ajimobi graciously helped him with an extra N2 million, a source who did not want to be named told this newspaper.

On his part, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung recently secured a low-key accommodation at Gwarinpa district of Abuja where he now resides.

However, not all ministers are groaning under the accommodation challenge, as a few of them are believed to be wealthy enough to afford any type of accommodation anywhere in the world. Conspicuously absent at the meeting with Buhari were the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola and Minister of Solid Minerals, Kayode Fayemi. The ministers are ex-governors and super ministers in Buhari’s cabinet.

Quoting a presidency source on Monday, Thisday reports that Buhari rejected the request by the ministers “because his hands are tied by the Remuneration Act, even though he empathises with their situation. They were asking for N20 million per annum for their accommodation. But prior to last week’s meeting, several other options had been proposed, including buying an estate or the FCDA (Federal Capital Development Authority) building one, but these were considered expensive and dropped. The final option was the request for N20 million per annum, because some ministers are squatting in Abuja and the situation is impacting on their jobs.”

A four to five-bedroom detached house in Wuse 2 district of Abuja, goes for anywhere between N8 million to N10 million per annum. The rate is almost the same in Gwarinpa Phase 1 and Jabi parts of Abuja, while a four-bedroom detached house in Maitama or Asokoro goes for between N10 million and N15 million per annum.


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  1. Here we are talking of bad economy, and some ministers are selfishly demanding for 20 million each for themselves. Buhari, walking out on them is not enough, if were him, i i order Army to flog them up. Thieves.

  2. In the UK, members of Parliament are paid accommodation allowance if their priary residence of abode is a certain number of miles from the parliament. Likewise Nigerian ministers deserve decent accommodation.

    To argue that they should be able to afford accommodation out of their own pocket is silly and infantile .

    We are told that accommodation in decent parts of Abuja goes for about N10m 0ee annum, so N20m for beach minister per annum is not too much under the circumstances. Ans uf it is considered onerous, then the government should rent decent accommodations amd pay the rent and associated cost directly. Thus whilst super rich ministers are able to afford their accommodation in Abuja, not all ministers will fall into this category.

    Nigerians really ought to pause to think before they react like jumping beans on a rolling drum.

  3. Why 20million for accommodation? Don't they have houses? Or aren't they paid enough to rent decent apartments? They have been paid a salary. It should not be up to tax payers to pay for their accommodation as well especially given they bad job they have all been doing since independence…going by that our leaders should only make minimum wage

  4. Must ministers live like emperors? Must Ministers live in Asokoro, Maitama, Wuse II or Aso Drive? In UK, US, Canada etc of the civilised world Ministers come from counties and suburbs of urban towns to work by trains and other public transportation systems. It helps them to attune to the environment and society and thus render selfless service. For anybody to think that a minister in Nigeria must be accommodated like kings or the Dangotes and Otedolas at the expense of tax payers funds doesn't have respect for governance. No 10 Downing Street is not a detached apartment and it's even a prime minister and not ordinary minister of UK.

  5. Thief, when we are suffering some are demanding for 20m per Head. To pay my school fee is a challenge on me. The anger of God will befall on self fish politicians.


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