11 Failures In Osun State Under Governor Rauf Aregbesola


Nigerian Bulletin,

It is 6 years that Osun state governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been steering the affairs of the state. He was returned to office in November 27, 2014 for a second term. So many things can be said to be wrong with Ogbeni’s 6 year old administration in the state. Below is a lost of some of them.

1. Government without Commissioners: Ogbeni rauf Aregbesola has been running his 2-year old second term government without commissioners. Aregbesola ascribed the delay to the paucity of funds, saying that the purse of the state has been reduced.

2. No Local Government Elections: The last local government poll held in the state was conducted by a PDP-led government in 2007. Since 2011, billions have gone into statutory monthly allocation with no evidence of development in the local governments.

Governor Aregbesola has failed to reveal the total debt exposure of the local governments that he has ran through executive secretaries for over 5 years.

3. Jailing Students: Students who downloaded films on the freely distributed Opon Imo were sent to Ilesa prison. This would not have happened if the government weighed several options before implementing it.

4. Demolition and Merging of Schools: Osun state under Governor Aregbesola demolished merged post-primary schools in the state. This was against the interest of the teachers, students, and alumni associations. Also inimical to the future of students, especially final year students whose examination centres were demolished. This policy of the government was ill-timed and causes a lot of dislocation and hardship for the students, whose identity were erased from the school.

Aregbesola also demolished several houses and shops along Osogbo-Iwo, Ogo Oluwa – Old Garage -Ayetoro – Ota Efun. road. People were made homeless, and with only few of them compensated.

5. Controversy With The General School Uniform: Governor Aregbesola also introduced the school uniform for all state primary and secondary schools in the state. This action didn’t go well with the schools, teachers and religious organisations as it destroyed the existent school structure. Through free, it is quite difficult to differentiate students of a school from the other. Religious organisations kicked against it because of a hidden inscription “Ella” discovered in the new school uniforms distributed to all pupils in both primary and secondary schools in the state.

6. Huge Borrow And Uncompleted/Abandoned Projects: No doubt, governor Aregbesola has plunged the state into huge debt with an increased rate of state’s borrow, but with abandoned projects in the state. Governor Aregbesola took loans on projects that are grandiose and without direct impact on the lives of the people – federal roads and flyovers that hardly got off the drawing board, airports construction that has been left abandoned.

7. Hijab Crisis: The recent hijab crisis has not been handled maturely by the state governor, who threatened to expel students who wear robes to school. Justice Jide Falola of the Osun State High Court had on June 3 given a verdict that Muslim students should be allowed to wear hijab in all public schools in the state because it was part of their fundamental rights.

8. Free School Feeding Programme: As at now, there is nothing productive with the free school feeding programme. It has not been sustainable overtime in Osun state. It though provided jobs for some local food vendors but resulted in huge debt for the state. Governor Aregbesola did not consider the state’s economic capacity before investing in such an expensive welfare programme.

9. Misplaced Priorities: Osun state receives paltry sum from the nations treasury due to a heavy debt burden and now relies solely on the allocation giving to LG from the treasury to survive, yet Governor Aregbesola has created additional 30 LCDA and wants to build a 19 billion naira airport before he leaves government. In addition to misplaced priority is the “Opon-Imo” N8.6billion Project. The state is yet to develop for such an expensive project, the reason why students abused it. Today, where is the Opon-imo?

10. Backlog of Salaries: Despite Federal Government bailout funds, Osun is one of the states with terrible backlog of salaries. Some workers are being owed for 6 months, some half-paid, and some have not been paid at all.

11. Monopoly of Trade: Reports in some quarters reveal that the Omoluabi garment factory belongs to the niece of the deputy governor and that in giving her the monopoly to be the only one to sell and sew school uniforms in Osun could be said to affect the livelihood of thousands of tailors and material sellers in the state.


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