REVEALED : Buhari Stole Parts of Obama’s Speech For ‘Change Begins With Me’ Launch [THISDAY]

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THIS DAY has published an article which claims that President Muhammadu Buhari started the ‘Change begins with me’ campaign with a lie.

The article accused President Buhari of plagiarizing President Barack Obama’s speech to launch “change begins with me.”.

Read excerpt below:

President Muhammadu Buhari made a terrible mistake last Thursday. He plagiarized President Barack Obama’s speech to launch “change begins with me.”

So you didn’t notice that our president lifted from Obama’s 2008 victory speech and passed it off as if the words were his own?

The argument will rage, but the moral problem of plagiarism on a day Mr. President launched a campaign to demand honesty and integrity from the people is what we should concern ourselves with.

I’m not a wailing wailer and I don’t like the downfall of any man but I also don’t like to be deceived.

The very last thing you should do when you’re launching a campaign like this is to be dishonest with the people.

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