Buhari Wants to Use me to Arrest Goodluck Jonathan- Tompolo

BREAKING NEWS: Police Arrests ‘Nnamdi Kanu’ In Abia

Government Ekpemupolo AKA Tompolo has accused the Buhari administration of trying to us him to arrest former President Goodluck Jonathan.

He has alleged that the government aren’t really interested in him but want to get their hands on Jonathan.

Tompolo is currently in hiding with his exact location an unknown to anyone. He also talked about the brutal treatment of his father by security agents stating that apart from attacking him, they also ransacked his and others’ homes in the community.

According to Tompolo, his father, who is dead now, suffered heavily and his injuries were so grave that they led to the amputation of his lower limbs.

“I am just a victim of circumstances. I am just a perceived enemy of the government,” Tompolo said in the interview. He added: “The intention of the government was to arrest former President Goodluck Jonathan. But they feel that arresting Jonathan without arresting me may be difficult, that was the reason why they are after me.” he said.

Speaking on his father’s death he said, “It happened in the early hours of Saturday May 28, 2016 when the Nigerian Army, under the guise of looking for members of the Niger Delta Avengers and of course my humble self, who they have accused of being behind the activities of the group without any evidence, invaded Kurutie town, where my father, Chief Thomas Ekpemupolo, was staying. They ransacked the whole building and brutalized him. He sustained an injury in one of his legs. We took him to Warri for medical attention after one week of the incident, due to difficulty in movement from the village to Warri because of the activities of the Army. He was admitted at Lily Clinic, where thorough medical tests were conducted on him. The doctors later advised that his lower limb should be amputated because complication had set in as a result of the injury. We agreed to this and that was done. However, he later died in the clinic after two months.”

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