Converting To Christ Is The Best Decision I Ever Made — Muslim Born Star Actress, Marygold Ola-Richie

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Popular Nollywood star actress, Marygold Ola-Richie, in this interview with Kingdom Vine, opens up on her salvation experience and life in Christ as a Muslim turned Christian. Marygold has played prominent roles in some of Nigeria’s popular T.V drama series.

For how long now have you been born-again and how did it all happen?
I was born a Muslim. Two weeks to my ‘wolimo’ celebration, my parents gave their lives to Christ. We were naturally meant to follow suit. At that time, I wasn’t super happy. I had my dress already for my celebration. But, who am I to disobey my father. I went to church for the first time and gave my life to Jesus. That is the best decision I ever made. I don’t regret it.

When did you venture into acting and how did it all start?
After secondary school, my brother-in-law, Mr. Riman Kenza Moses, introduced me to Joke Silver. I did some radio dramas with her before she insisted I went on with my schooling. She really insisted. So, I pulled out of radio acting to get an education. I started stage acting in 2009. I was in LASU then. I acted in plays like: “Morountodun”; “The lion and the Jewel”; “Our Husbands Have Gone Mad Again”; “Abiku” and so on. Then in my four hundred level, I attended an audition that got me my first major role in a television series, “FINDING AISHA”, which was produced by Tajudeen Adepetu. After that job…here I am today.

Can you share a bit of your salvation experience so far, and what are the likely challenges you have faced as born-again Christ?
I don’t know how people live without thinking of where they will spend eternity. I am not going to hell! I check myself each day and beg God for His mercies. My relationship with God supersedes all, and is held in high esteem. My career doesn’t even come close. Just a simply YES and NO; I turn down roles that expose too much of my body. I have lost jobs for this reason. A role was once taken from me on location because I refused to appear in just bra and pant. I didn’t feel bad. I refuse to go to hell because of a career. But, so far, real professionals are now producing good films that are not entirely about nudity. Nice stories with love scenes that are shot well without having to go nude.

From your personal observation, can you say that Christians all over the world embrace Christian movies more than the secular or it’s the other way round?
I can’t say that Christian movies are well accepted here in Nigeria. But outside, here, yes. I look forward to watching any movie produced by Tyler Perry. He is a Christian Producer. But he is real about it. He passes across his messages with reality. Interesting stories, costumes, locations and all that, we do not have in our Christian movies here. So, we watch what is available, which is the secular movies. Not all secular movies are bad. A movie need not necessarily talk about God for it to be fantastic.

How do you blend your acting career with home responsibilities, social and Christian life activities, among others?
There is a time for everything. When I am at home, I’m a wife and a mother, outside being a sister and a daughter. That is the real me. When a job comes, I leave home to become a character. Funny enough, I switch from that character to Marygold from time to time on set, to check on my family. I still manage my home from my location. Women can do a trillion things at the same time. I have a supportive husband. He helps out a lot. My husband makes it easy for me. It may be stressful sometimes, than when I was single, but it is a change I love. I work when I want to. I don’t have to do all the jobs that come my way. If traveling to another state to shoot will affect a certain balance in my home at that time, I turn the job down. Both worlds perfect me, so there have to be a balance.

What is your philosophy of life?
There is no me without God. And life is not all that a big deal if Heaven is sure. Love can shine down on you from the face of any child. Love a child.

Is there any kind of movie/film that you are working on or anyone that you’re featured in at the moment?
I just finished a series, SONATE, from the stables of Zoomcam Productions, produced by Wale Lawal. I am preparing for a movie that is going to be shot in Enugu. Nice story, I tell you.

How many movies/films have you featured in so far?
Hmmmmm. Ok! I have featured in more series and dramas than movies. I have done about eight movies and sixteen TV series/dramas, all major roles.

There are actors and actresses today, who are deeply involved in romantic roles in their acting career, yet they’re active members in the church choir, Sunday schools and other departments in their churches, is it biblical as a Christian to get involved in unholy or promiscuous acts all in the guise of acting?
This is hard to answer. I will say that the heart of that person should be the judge. And sometimes, for people outside the industry, what you see may not be exactly what is. It is a world of make believe. I have been under a bed sheets before with my shoulders bear, the viewers are made to believe that am naked under the sheets, but I have my black jeans trousers and a black tube top underneath. Christians should have the Holy Spirit that checks them. And we all stand only by Grace.

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