Man Stabs Woman 22 Times In Public Because She Left Him (Video)

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The brutal killing of a young woman on a busy street in Delhi has sparked outrage across India after CCTV footage of the violent assault showed passersby walking past without intervening.

Police have named the victim of the vicious assault as 21-year-old Karuna, who worked as a school teacher, and said she had been previously harassed by her attacker.

Graphic CCTV footage of the attack shows a man grab Karuna and fling her to the ground before repeatedly stabbing her and kicking her in the head.

Numerous people are filmed walking along the street in the Burari area of Delhi during the attack, and at least one man does appear to approach the assailant before backing away. However, many others stop and watch the events unfold but fail to take any steps to intervene.

People eventually stepped in when the man, who has been named in local media as 34-year-old Surender Singh, tried to flee the scene.

Watch Video Below:

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