[VIDEO] Winners Chapel Member Attempts To Shoot Road Safety Officer For Stopping Him In Abuja

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An unidentified man, alleged to be a member of the Living Faith Church, a.k.a Winners Chapel, on Sunday caused reportedly pulled a gun on a Federal Road Safety Corp Official for asking him to wear his seat belt.

The incident took place after the first service of the Durumi branch of the Winner’s Chapel Abuja, as the man who carrying his family in a car with registration number – S001 RBC was pulled over by the officials for safety reason.

The man and his wife were asked to wear their seat-belts by the Road safety Special Marshal on that axis as he was driving out from the church, but the visibly angry man pulled out a gun and attempted to shoot the Corp Marshal.

An eyewitness and activist, Dorothy Njamanze said, “He refused to obey and the special marshals of Road Safety tried to stop him by standing in front of his car, he moved his car to crush them and they banged on his door.

“He came out with his gun, pointed it at an FRSC marshal, cocked it and threatened to shoot him.

“He was carrying his family, including children in the car

The man was said to have left children and passerby’s traumatized with the threat of the gun.

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