Buhari’s government will collapse if he sacks these two ‘special’ ministers – Primate Ayodele


Popular Nigerian cleric, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed that Buhari’s government will collapse if he sacks there two ‘special’ ministers.

Speaking with reporters, Primate Ayodele said, “Do you know why the government is still holding? God revealed to me that it is Amaechi and Fashola that are holding this government; they are the ones helping Buhari.”

Addressing President Buhari, the clergyman said, “I said it in the papers that despite all, put Fashola and Amaechi in your government. I don’t know them, I have never met them before, I am just saying what God has revealed to me. The moment he removes them, the government will collapse.”

“You know, there are some people you put in the system that will help you. So, he has done the right thing by putting them, that is why we are still moving.”

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