Bride-To-Be Caught kissing Another Man At Bacholerette Party, groom cancels Wedding

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Emma  Alicia  Paz,  a bride-to-be  to be had her wedding planned and all ready to take place in Mexico.

The couple had sent out their invitations and were excited  about their upcoming nuptials.

They both decided  to throw a bachelorette  party,  and it was attended by friends and family.

During  the party, Emma Alicia  drank heavily and soon lost control of herself. She found herself in the arms of a stranger, cuddling and kissing him affectionately.

The act was filmed and the crowd cheered  her on  while the kiss lasted.

Pablo-Torres,  the groom to be got to hear of the event and was less than pleased.

A filed tape of the party was viewed by him and his family  and soon after they called off the wedding.

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