BREAKING: Nigerian Naira Hits 492 Per Dollar At Parallel Market

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Nigerian naira fell to 492 to a dollar at the black market on Thursday as the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, issued more directives restricting usage of domiciliary accounts by bank customers, apparently to stem the pressures and improve official supply of foreign exchange to the interbank market.

As a result of the pressure, Naira crashed to between N460 and N465/ USD1, against the opening rate of N445/USD1 in the parallel market segment on Wednesday, though the interbank rate depreciated just marginally to N312.9/ USD1, against N310 earlier in the week.

Currency dealers at both segments of the market attributed the renewed pressure on rates to a worsening supply gap at all the segments, even as CBN’s intervention, according to them, has become too thin to assuage the huge demand.


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