Abuse of justice, falsification, threat to life,violation of criminal justice law by police officers; Anambra Citizen want state Police CP investigated

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The Editor, SpyNigeria. My name is Chukwunenye Nweke from Awka.Below is my photo and I wish to seek for your investigations and update of my story which bothers on abuse of justice, falsification, threat to life,violation of criminal justice law by police officers and men in Anambra State,  Nigeria.

I am the defendant in the criminal case with police case file no: CR: 445/2013, thus, i wish to use this medium to appeal to Federal Ministry of Justice, National Human Rights Commission( NHRC), Senate committee On Justice, to wade into my case as the said case has been marred with conspiracy to make me a criminal over a crime I never perpetrated.

That  on 25th Feb; 2013, I was assaulted and threatened by some powerful people in my town over a land issue, thus, I reported the parties to police on March, 2013,thereafter, the parties denied never to have seen me on the said day and they also alleged that, they had no issue or exchange of words with me. However, on 17th April, 2013, the parties made a counter report against me,accusing me of leading a gang group. Thus, on 13th May, 2013, when  I was charged to court by CP over criminal acts that ensued from false kidnapping activities/ threatening to perpetrate violence and after due registration of the police charge by CP, I applied for the documents involved in my trial as required by law. Behold, CP allegedly tendered the documents made at State C.I.D,Awka while CP allegedly refuted to tender the C.P.S.Awka documents as stipulated on section 36(6B) of 2011 constitution of Nigeria and section 185(2) of 2010 Anambra State Administration Criminal Justice Law. Thus, on 16th July,2013, I decided to write to CP, to direct his legal office to tender the C.P.S,Awka documents,but my request was not granted. Consequently, I wrote to CP on 12th August, 2013, to compel his legal officers to release the C.P.S,Awka documents as required by law, but the said request was not also granted. Therefore, on 16th August, 2013, when my case appeared before the court after series of adjournments, I reported CP, to the court, for failing to tender the C.P.S. Awka, documents of his clients, hence, CP was directed by the court to release the contentious documents. Behold, on 23rd August,2013, CP released the said documents but the documents introduced into my case by CP are fraudulent,contravened and prejudicial documents bent to frustrate my case and  also mislead the court at my detriment, in interest of the other parties.

In the light of the above, I wrote a petition to the state police command, on 14th May,2014, to intervene in my case as my case has been ruined with fraud and I also aske that, the culprits are nabbed and prosecuted over their crimes. But justice was not done to my report. On 10th  and 18th June,2014, respectively, I readdressed petitions to the state police command to investigate my complaints against his officers and their clients but justice was not also done to my reports.

Thereafter, I decided to approach to the AIG of zone9 police command and the Anambra State Ministry of Justice,respectively. That in response to the petition I mailed to Zone9 on 10th July, 2014, AIG transferred the petition to Awka and directed CP to comment and transfer the petition back to Zone9,but the said petition was mutinied by State C.I.D,Awka legal personnel. While, the Anambra State Hon. Attorney General issued a notice on 2nd  September, 2014, but CP fails to comply with the notice as prescribed by section 160(3) 0f Anambra State  Administration of  Criminal Justice Law, 2010. The copy of the notice from the state ministry of justice to CP, as written by Barr. Emebie,  is attached, for perusal.

That the parties in this case have continued to threat me with the plot to mislead the court, eliminate me, premeditate a fresh criminal report against me, which I had on 14th  September, 2015 and 7th December, 2015, respectively called on both CP and AIG Zone9’s  interventions but justice is yet to be done to my reports.

Thus, on 11th January, 2016, I readdressed a petition to The Anambra State Ministry of Justice and in  response to that petition, the office of Hon. Attorney General said that, its hands are tided since the police has continued to  fail to transfer my file to the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP), for legal advice”. That Barr. Emebie stressed that, DPP could only act once the police original case file has been transmitted as requested by the attorney general.

Meanwhile, I had on April,2016, filed an application with affidavit  before the court and the court had subsequently ordered CP, to transfer my file to DPP as requested by the Hon. Attorney General but CP fails to comply with that.

On May, 2016, I took my complaints on the criminal acts perpetrated against me by officers and civilians, under the command of CP, to Police Complaint Unit, thereafter, my petition was given a tracking number, as below:
npfcomplaint@gmail.com, on Jul 12, 2016 7:37 AM, the “Police Complaint (NPF-CRU)” <npfcomplaint@gmail.com> wrote:
Your complaint is hereby acknowledged and investigation has been initiated. Your tracking number is #CRU551273 Thank you for contacting NPF-CRU”. However, I have subsequently applied for the IG findings in respect to the above tracking number, but the requested findings are yet to be released as  stipulated on Freedom of Information Act,2014. Thus, on 29 th July, 2016 and 3rd August, 2016, respectively,  I addressed petitions to the IG of Police and the Federal Ministry of Justice. The said petitions are hereby attached.

That according to section 316(2) of 2010, Police Act, CP has the statutory power to arrest, investigate and prosecute any person that commits crimes within the state. While the  Hon. Attorney General of state is empowered by the Anambra State Criminal Justice Law, to call for the police original case file, but I do not know why the Anambra State CP fails to arrest and prosecute the culprits despite the crimes were committed under his jurisdiction or is fraud, perversion of Justice, threat to life,abuse of legal process aren’t criminal acts that made CP to handle my reports with levity ? More so, I do not  understand why CP is yet to comply with Hon. Attorney General request, for over two years now?
That I decided to visit the  state ministry of justice on 20/9/2016, after subsequently visits, but I was informed by the registrar to Attorney General that, CP has not transfer the file.

Henceforth,it is in the view of the above, that I appeal to the concerned authorities to wade into this case.

Section 211(3) of 2011 constitution of Nigeria empowers the state attorney general to intervene in a case and prevent the abuse of legal process/system, thus, the negligence on the side of CP to comply with the notice from DPP, is an abuse of legal process bent to breach on my fundamental rights to fair justice in favour of CP’s clients.
On  10th August,2016, CP alleged that his office failed to comply with the state ministry of  justice because, the notice addressed to his office by the state attorney general was not properly addressed while on 21st September, 2016, CP changed his initial reason for not transmitting the file and  alleged that, his office ceased to transmit my case file since 2014, as requested by the state Hon. Attorney General because, the court did not support the order of transfer with a certified writ. However, the fact remains that, CP is much aware that, the attorney general has the power to call for the case file without infringements,hence, I am no longer interested in the said transfer which I have proofs that it has been marred with negligence. Besides, I have completely lost confidence on my trial by CP as related to the gross violation of my fundamental rights, because CP and other parties have constantly encroached on the quest to transfer the file to the state DPP and they(CP and his clients), have deliberately frustrated my trial from 2013 still date. They abused my human rights as a citizen of Nigeria and as the defendant in this case, hence, I sincerely beech on the intervention of the  Federal Ministry of Justice, NHRC, Senate Committee On Justice. I pray that the case file be collected from CP/ the state government and the culprits be brought to book.

I shall be counting on your cooperations.


Nweke Chukwunenye <nnweke20@gmail.com>

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