Apostle Michael Canty of The Truth Ministries Holiness Church recently angered an entire wedding party and might have damaged his new ministry’s reputation after he refused to allow a bride wed her husband on her wedding day because he felt her dress was too sexy.

Lisa Washington said ‘she’s never been more embarrassed then Saturday’ when a local pastor refused to officiate and allow the bride to wed her husband on her wedding day in his facility.

Both families were present and the food was waiting to be served at the bride’s aunt house. Family members flew and drove long distances to be present for the couples special day.

Upset and frustrated, guest at the wedding practically ‘begged’ the leaders of the church to reconsider but to no avail, not a budge.

“I can’t believe this! I flew here to attend my cousin’s wedding and now I have to put up with this crap.

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  1. Comment:The intended couple of dat botched marraige deserved what they got from the God fearing Pastor. We mustn’t fear man to offend God.

  2. Comment:I commend d boldness of d Pastor who did not compromise d standard of GOD’s church.i mean, what did they take d church for, d church JESUS purchased with HIS precious blood?GOD will forgive d couple n open their spiritual blindness.