“If my wife does what Aisha Buhari did she’ll return to her parents” – Senator Owie

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Reacting to Aisha Buhari’s controversial BBC interview, former Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Rowland Owie today said if his wife went public to criticize him the way Aisha Buhari did to her husband, in her BBC Hausa interview, he would send her packing from his house.

In an interview with Vanguard, Owie said although what Aisha Buhari said was right, it could have been said in the bedroom when she had some private time with her husband.

“Aisha is right in criticism of President Buhari’s appointments, but the medium she adopted is very wrong. Such advice from a wife to a husband should be given at Bed time and not to the hearing of anybody. If a wife does that to me, the woman will return to her parent’s house within 24 hours of that statement. A Benin Parable says- Only one’s enemy that will advise one in the presence of The Oba in council.” he said.

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  1. Note, this is not a domestic issue but what concerns Nigeria as a whole, if you agree that what aisha said is the truth then divorcing her could not come up except if you are not telling urself the truth, truth they say is bitter. This woman’s outburst I believe could be out of that she has done everything possible but the president never heeded to her advice. This APC government is failure

  2. Mama Aisha bihari, have done nothing wrong, she just show how much she love her husband. She want the best for her and Nigeria entirely, because she don’t want the President administration to fail, so many common men and women of this country voted for her husband, with the believe that, he will turn things around. She can’t just seat and watch few pensons handjacking the government while the Masses are dieing of hunger.

  3. The Chief of the Senate is a very big idiot. i think Mrs Aisha should be considered for a Nobel peace price.
    Corrupt Politicians like Mr Chief whip, don’t heed to advise from their wives. The politics of denial and die-in-silence.is what we are so supportive. Kodus to Madam for being the 1st first Lady in African to recognize the fact that, the husband has failed to deliver on election promises and should quit the stage before the stage quits him. Mr Senator, or whoever you call yourself, If Mr President divorces his wife today, i will come for her immediately. She is the best wife so far. and for your information, i hope Nigeria does not consider women and cartels/ so mind you a divorce to her might be as costly as the presidency itself.. Big fools running African politics


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