Top Secret: First Lady Moves to London


Nigerian Times is reporting that , Mrs Aisha Buhari, Nigeria’s First Lady, left the Aso Rock Villa for London on Tuesday morning after recording her explosive interview with the BBC on Monday.

Nigerian Times learnt that while she has resolved to throw the sink at the trio of Mamman Daura (nephew and ultimate power broker), Lawal Daura ( nephew to Buhari and head of the DSS) and Abba Kyari ( Chief of Staff to Buhari and Mamman Daura’s foster son), she needs the trip to cool off away from the oppressive environment they had turned the Villa to for her.A source close to Mrs Buhari could not confirm last night if her trip was an exile from Nigeria. “We don’t know yet. Nor is she sure herself. But she knows what she is up against and a few days away from the Villa would give her enough time to ponder her next move”

Another source lamented the recluse she had slowly become in the Villa. “ What she was doing before was to travel to state capitals once her husband travels abroad. But even that they blocked with frivolous security reports. And a few governors who had formed the habit of coming to the Villa in the evenings to say hello had been warned off”.

“In the last few months , she has been telling her confidants that she will go stay with her children if the situation becomes unbearable”, said the source.

Nigerian Times leant last night that the cabal underestimated her. While they had concentrated on warning her aides of dire consequences if there were leaks in the media, they never thought she would take matters into her hands. And her choice of the BBC completely left them in the ditch. “The security people had warned her aides of serious repercussions if anything about her situation was reported in the social media. So, she chose the BBC after she had been assured that there was no way her opponents could induce the reporter to hand over the interview”

Speaking side-by-side Angela Merkel in Berlin Buhari responded half in jest to his wife: “I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room. So I claim superior knowledge over her and the rest of the opposition, because in the end I have succeeded. It’s not easy to satisfy the whole Nigerian opposition parties or to participate in the government.

Multiple sources told this paper last night that the Buhari marriage had fared badly in the tumult of the Villa. “And beyond the spiel presidential aides pushing last night, Buhari’s description of his wife’s place was charitable. In fact, she doesn’t belong to the marriage would be a closer description. Indeed, he First Lady actually belongs to the other room not his bedroom”

Credit: Nigerian Times

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