Longest Marriage Ever! Husband, 108, Wife, 105, Celebrate 82 years of Marriage


In May, 2017, Duranord Veillard and his wife, Jeanne, will be celebrating their 108th and 105th birthdays, respectively.  It may sound incredible, but this couple has been married for 82 years!

Born in Haiti, Duranord spent the better part of his teenage life and early adulthood as a fisherman. He relocated to the capital Port-au-Prince in his early 20s, where he focused on studying law. At the age of 25, he tied the knot with Jeanne. This is the same year that Franklin Roosevelt became president.

The couple has five children. Duranord lost his job about 50 years ago, and they decided to spend the rest of their life in the US once they obtained a visa.

Duranord then took a laboratory technician job at the Good Samaritan Hospital, where he worked for a decade before retiring.

Their children remained in Haiti, but later joined their parents in the US. Today, Duranord has hearing difficulties and visual complications, but the natural processes don’t prevent him from cracking jokes or talking to the journalists who’re invited on his birthday.

This old couple spend most of their time at home, and only goes outside for routine health checkups. While they can’t walk without assistance, they say they’re pretty happy with their lives.

Their 61-year-old old son, Vely, says their father has an exceptional memory. He’s also amazed by the fact that his father still tries to avoid the cane.

Now, the couple is focused on Jeanne’s birthday, when they’ll try to break another record. We’re quite hopeful that they’ll make it because theirs is such an inspiring story!

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