5 Natural ways to cure premature ejaculation In Men


Premature ejaculation is a common problem among the men. This problem can be caused by various factors. While most men will experience premature ejaculation once in a while, other men experience this problem consistently to a point where it becomes an embarrassment. Premature ejaculation can cost you a relationship or even force your wife to cheat. The following are some of the tips on how to last longer in bed naturally:

Eat natural aphrodisiac foods in order to facilitate sexual stimulation
You need to be stimulated well for sexual intercourse. Aphrodisiac foods not only arouse you sexually, but also give you enough stamina for intercourse. Foods such as milk, honey, chocolate, vanilla ice cream, red wine and milk are in this category. Learn to take them before sex in order to last longer in bed.

Work out to gain muscle and stamina
Physical exercise is very good for fitness and sexual health. In addition to general fitness, you need to learn the right exercise for good sex. Kegel exercises enhance pelvic strength and thus giving you the opportunity to last longer in bed. There are exercises that are aimed at giving you a longer and wider penis. These exercises also help you gain muscle around the penis and thus facilitate better performance. One of the easy ways to last longer in bed naturally is by working on your sexual organ-make it longer, muscular and wider in order to satisfy your partner.

Do not start until you are fully erect
One of the simplest ways to last longer in bed is by ensuring that you achieve full erection. A fully erect penis is able to do longer presses than a penis that is not fully erect. Always make your hard on as hard as possible. Massage it to ensure that there is sufficient supply of blood to the head as this is what makes it hard and fully erect. This is why foreplay is considered an essential element in sexual intercourse. If you cannot stimulate yourself, let your partner massage you. You need to identify your soft spot in order to be able to achieve stimulation easier and faster. Maintain only one sexual partner who understands how and where to touch and rouse you for intercourse. Eating the right foods also facilitates the supply of blood to your genitals and thus facilitating longer bed sessions.

Psychological, metal and physical distractions interfere with your sexual performance. Focus on what you are doing, and monitor how your partner feels. Do not focus on her unattractive body, how tired you are or any stressful events you might have encountered during the day. If you feel tired, it is advisable to begin with some relaxation techniques or even a body massage to prepare yourself psychologically for intercourse.

Choose the right position
Missionary position is not the best position for longer and enjoyable sex. Let your partner come on top where she can do most of the movement. This allows you to delay ejaculation too, hence the ability to last longer.

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