Blogger Arrested Over Attempt To Swindle Femi Otedola (Photo)


Naijagistlive, an online platform popularly known for exposing illegal activities and everyday lives of celebrities by calling them out with their names and posting pictures of them, is currently under investigation by the Operatives of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), for allegedly attempting to defraud oil magnate Femi Otedola of some money.

According to reports, a young man identified as Oyedepo Babatunde, known as @Baudex on Instagram, has been arrested in connection with the case.

The young man was docked for allegedly sending out threatening messages to the complainants, and other high profile people through the online platform, demanding for a huge amount of money so as to keep their private lives away from the public glare.

Oyedepo, was accused of uploading super-imposed nude images of a lawyer on his website, and thereafter reaching out to her demanding for N3.5million to remove the nude pictures from the site.

The victim, who also launched a complaint against Oyedepo, claimed to have been contacted, and when she refused to part with the cash, he kept the pictures on his site which led to a social media back lash from a lot of people that lead to the loss of her job, her marriage and social life.

Spokesman for the SFU, Lawal Audu, said that the accused had about three different cases pending before the unit adding that the first two cases involved fraud and threat to live.

Lawal also revealed that someone else identified as Dapo Balogun had also reported a case of threat to life, extortion and blackmail to the unit against the accused.

He revealed that the complainant said he has also been contacted by naijagistlive, telling him that he has a story against him, where he claimed to have worked with former Petroleum Minister, Allison Madueke, and has acquired properties illegally from the stolen loot he got during her tenure as Petroleum Minister.

The complainant said he demanded for some money to enable him retract the story which could damage his reputation if exposed to the public. He claimed that the suspect started to issue threats, and also warned him of a possible kidnap attempt should he fail to turn up with the money.

Femi Otedola, also laid a complaint against the suspect claiming he had posted an annoying story on his website accusing him of having an affair with several women and abusing them sexually in his office.

The suspect, who resides in Festac Town, Lagos, has denied the allegations, claiming to be a website designer who was contacted to design the site. He stated that the connection he had with the platform was because his contact was on the site and this is to enable him get more jobs to design websites.

Balogun said he was being framed by the owners of the site which he designed. In his words,

“I design website for people and after designing the site I will include my contacts in the website to attract more customers. I was arrested through my contact on naijagistlive. “


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