Nigerian oil mogul has blamed the country’s economic woes on the activities of the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

Speaking on ways to rejig the economy, he said “the only solution to Nigeria’s economic problems is one – addressing the cancer that has persistently eaten up our Forex.

He added that the cancer responsible for the proliferating Dollar/Naira disparity can be eliminated if 10 modular refineries are set up.

He then dropped a bombshell by saying “the second cancer that is affecting us is the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).”

“The duty of EFCC is to look into financial crimes. The duty of EFCC is to look into those that have taken so many waivers. So many people in Nigeria today are big men because they are enjoying government waivers. Majority of Nigeria’s big men are lazy people. They always find a way to take waivers.

“The EFCC must come to terms with their duty and create a real economic crime desk. If the EFCC can look into every importer accessing dollars and what our dollars are being used for. If the EFCC can create an economic code that everybody that must use to access dollars making it mandatory that every bid should be made through the EFCC, if everybody is made to sign a guarantee that the government can look into whatever he/she has bid and monitor the use of the money, those that are milking Nigeria’s dollars will run away.

“The EFCC must stop the pursuit of only past leaders. Not that they should not do their job by going after past leaders, but they need to look into the amount of Nigerians that are taking waivers, they need to look at the number of people accessing dollars for agricultural contents who divert the same dollars to Dubai and then bring the dollar back into the country to make money without doing anything.’

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