Woman Pretends To Have Died and Spends A Day In A Coffin So She Can Experience Her Own Funeral


A Brazilian woman, Vera Lucia da Silva, 44 has fulfilled her 14-year dream of experiencing her own funeral.

Silva slept in a coffin for a day pretending to be dead.

The Brazilian held her funeral service in celebration of the Day of the Dead at a funeral home in north east Brazil with friends and family dressed in black and visiting her.

Silva said she has always dreamt of the moment and called it the best day of her life.

She said: “I wanted to hold my own funeral 14 years ago. I’ve waited a long time and can’t believe that at last this wish has been granted.

“When I invited my friends and family they thought I was joking and they didn’t take it seriously.”

Vera added, “I stayed in the coffin all day. The only movement I made was to turn my head to drink just coconut water and tea.

“Everyone came, my father, my mother, sister, brother and friends. When they saw me their mouths dropped open in amazement but they respected my wish to have my own funeral. It was the best day of my life.”


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