It is Allah that is punishing Buhari’s government – Nasir

Alhaji Nasir Awhelebe Uhor, Rivers State Islamic Leader/Vice President General, Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Rivers State, has said that our present predicament in the country is as a result of deviation from the laws of Allah. He accused our leaders of forgetting that it is God that placed them in position of authority and are accountable to Him.
He said, “Our present predicament in the country is as a result of our almost complete deviation from the laws of Allah. He created the universe, the earth and endowed it with everything before He created man and said, ‘take charge of everything I have here.’
” The direction in the Qur’an is ‘eat and drink, but don’t be extravagant.’ In other words, don’t be wasteful of the resources I have given to you. I have created you as my ambassador on earth. Therefore, whereas I give you freedom to eat anything, but you should utilise the resources and remember that you are accountable to Me, the Owner of the earth. This is the area we have forgotten.
“So, our people now think that by acquiring physical or political power, they are almost like God, there to preside over the people’s affairs. In the process, they forget that they are placed there on trust, that their time is limited and that their primary purpose of being there is to mobilise the resources of the country for better service to the people.
“How can you say you are a leader or whatever in the position of things and people are hungry? By their activities, even they themselves are demonic and you don’t need any prophet or soothsayers or whatever to imply that.
 “The only thing you are required to do is just to hold firmly to those laws that Allah has given us and implement those welfare activities for the service of the common people.
” Positive service to the people is what is required of somebody in a position of trust, because there is no way to defend what is happening or what has happened in this country in the last 10 or 15 years. We have a lot of resources, so much so that people are wasting them.”

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