Teen ‘raped by police commissioner’ after going to station to report earlier sex attack


A young Afghan woman who went to the police to report being raped was then allegedly raped by the district police commissioner in his office.

The 18-year-old was taken at gunpoint from her house in the Zareh district of Balkh province in northern Afghanistan in early July.

The man took her to a house on the same street where he and another man raped her, she alleges.

According to UK Mirror, the woman, who has been named only as Mariam, said:
“When I went with my father to report the rape case, the police commissioner ordered my father to wait outside, and took me into his office where he also raped me.”After raping her, he warned her to “keep her mouth shut” or she would be killed, Mariam said by phone from Kabul where she is staying with her father.
The police commissioner, Akram Zareh, denied any wrongdoing.

“I am an honest policeman. I am 60. She is like my daughter,” Zareh said by phone. “This is a plot against me.”
Mariam’s father, Khairuddin, brought his daughter to the capital Kabul to draw attention to her story and seek justice.
“My daughter said that she would burn herself alive, because she could not go out of the house and could not make eye contact with anyone due to shame,” Khairuddin said by phone.

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