BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Blames Obama, FBI Director For Her Defeat

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The Democrat Candidate, Hillary Clinton has accused the duo of President Barack Obama and the FBI chief, James Comey for her defeat in the just concluded election.

Clinton “couldn’t stop crying” once she learned of her loss to Donald Trump on Tuesday, best-selling conservative author Ed Klein told Newsmax TV on Wednesday.

“Her friend said — her female friend from way, way, back — said that it was even hard to understand what she was saying, she was crying so hard.

“This is Hillary we’re talking about,” Klein said.

“Her friend said she could make out that she was blaming James Comey, the director of the FBI, for her loss — and this I don’t understand exactly — and the president of the United States for not doing enough.”

Klein said his source then asked further about President Barack Obama.

“She said: ‘Well, she felt, Hillary felt, that the president could have stopped Comey a long time ago, because that’s what [former President] Bill [Clinton] said.”

Source: Newmax

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