US Election: God sent Trump to undo Obama’s satanic works – Billy Graham’s son,Franklin


Son of renowned Evangelist, Billy Graham, Rev. Franklin Graham, says the emergence of Donald Trump as the President elect of the United State of America, USA, was an act of God, stressing that Trump was divinely ordained to salvage the alleged satanic works of the outgoing President, Barack Obama.

Addressing reporters in Florida, Graham said Obama was an instrument the devil used to corrupt the heart of Americans from serving God.

He said, “Though the election that threw up Donald Trump as president-elect was shocking to peoples’ expectation it was the power of God and prayers that prevailed.

“God worked miraculously to restore and salvage America from the hands of Luciferous Obama who sold America to the devil overnight.”

He highlighted some policies by the Obama administration which were contrary to the will of God to include, legalisation of same sex marriage which God hates with passion, legalisation of abortion and the alleged introduction of the evil mark, 666 all in the name of Obama Health care.

Stressing that all these anti-Christ policies provoked so many genuine men of God and himself to come into agreement to pray for God to restore America to Himself, the clergy man said, “Concupiscent policies Obama implemented to turn the hearts of Americans from God which Hilary Clinton could have continued with as their Democrat party’s ideologies”.

Recall that Trump, a Republican had four days ago emerged the winner  of the fiercely contested US Presidential election against all odds and predictions.

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