The Making Of A Great Nigerian General, By Auwal Rabiu Dansharif


Lt.Gen. T. Y Buratai is an accomplished soldier. Commisioned into the Nigerian Army in 1983 as a Second Lieutenant, he rose through the ranks holding several command, administrative and instructional positions. He is extensively experienced and knows what it means to lead a responsive and nimble force, build the capacity of an Army to respond to immediate and long-term threats and remain adaptable to evolving challenges.

Lt. Gen. T. Y Buratai has given his all to the Nigerian Army and his personal sacrifices on behalf of his troops and the Nigerian people will be remembered by us all. He has consistently identified ways to increase the capability and capacity of the Nigerian forces, forces that have shown the motivation and resilience required to assure the long-term success of the security and stability the good citizens deserve.

He certainly inherited a mission that had sadly gone wildly off course, a mission which some people termed “Impossible”. He started with what everyone thought was a pragmatic vision but, at its core, was a plan for changing the way North east is wired, Conditions on the ground in North east today clearly clearly shows overwhelming improvement in security that most of the terrorist group leadership has been decimated, while foot soldiers are abandoning their masters.

The military under Buratai’s leadership tactically deployed operatives in the core area of intelligence gathering which yielded many positive ambushes against the terrorists by the military. He brought stability, leadership and discipline after a long mistrust and indiscipline. His gallantry has been recognised both at home and abroad. He has bagged many awards and acclodates since his assumption as the COAS.

The selflessness of buratai, his officers and soldiers for the peace project of Nigeria in this regard is unquantifiable. It is therefore of note that that such qualities form part of the reason that Nigerians rise up in his defence at every point in time. Detractors who seek to tarnish his image or bring him down reckon without this leadership quality that earns respect from the troops who consequently see basis to be loyal to their fatherland. The same quality built trust for him among the civilian populace and they are thus able to easily see through any web of lies spun against the COAS. Ridding Nigeria of Terror is a collective effort and as such I call on all well meaning Nigerians to support the COAS in his quest to making our fatherland safe and secure.

Another side of buratai is his philanthropic and humanitarian gesture which he constantly demonstrates without showing bias for religion or ethnicity. He is a friend of the poor, always rising up directly and indirectly for their wellbeing and he has successfully transferred the same disposition to dealing with the welfare of his soldiers, officers and their families
We have a chief of Army staff that is actively everywhere with his troops. This has greatly improved the morale and commitment of the troops.

While one may see crude and undiluted love by a general trying to inspire his officers and soldiers to quickly win and end the war on terrorism, it could also be taken further to surmise that here is a military leader that wants to be sure that the appropriate rations are served to his men while fighting for their fatherland.

Gen. buratai has given Nigerians hope of survival and dignity in their darkest hour, much as he has vibrated deadly labyrinths. In the end posterity would surely remember him as the COAS that revamped the Nigerian Army and gave the citizens hope

God bless the Nigerian Armed Forces
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Engr. Auwal Rabiu Dansharif
S.A Pension to Gov. Ganduje
Kano State

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