5 Major Reasons Your Partner Has Lost Interest In Sleeping With You


I was about to crack a joke about me indirectly promoting premarital s3x in this article but it occured to me this isn’t a joking issue. Married people actually go through this, even the ones who wait till their wedding nights and when this happens the women usually assume they are at fault and they believe something is wrong with them. Thats wrong, these are the real reasons why your partner has lost interest in sleeping with you


1. MAYBE YOUR PARTNERS JUST NOT INTO SEX: Yeah, for all your horny lovers out there, this sucks, but it’s true. Some partners just aren’t into se x. You may love making love to the computer or you may end up using a toy to pleasure up, but the whole act of se x could seem distasteful to your partner.


2. THEY MIGHT HAVE LOST SEXUAL INTEREST IN YOU: Most people are confused about this, but seriously, se x and love are two completely different things. You can love someone intensely and still get physically attracted to someone else. Of course, with love comes passion, but it’s just not the same as raw physical attraction. So if you don’t want to have se x anymore, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner. It simply means you’re not sexually attracted to them anymore.


3. OR THEY ARE TOO BUSY DOING SOMETHING ELSE: One of you love reading novels or spending hours on the Xbox? Sometimes, even watching a few great shows on the television back to back every night can lead to boring se x lives. You could be having so much fun watching a movie every night that both of you might just give up on sex. If you’re experiencing this, it doesn’t mean you’re not se xually excited by each other. It’s just that you’ve decided to give up on together time. And when you start doing this for a couple of weeks, it would go on the same way forever. We love routine, and it’s pretty hard to change something once we get comfortable with it. To make sure this doesn’t affect your se x life in future, get into bed an hour earlier or spend at least an hour every evening cuddling up with the TV turned off once you’re done with the shows. It may seem quite boring at first, but you’ll see what cuddle time can lead to!


4. SOMETIMES THEY MAY BE TOO TIRED FOR SEX: Your partner and you may be se xually attracted to each other. But at times, work pressure and stress at work can make one of you distracted and lose interest in sex. Or even if you have s ex, you may not really enjoy it enough, or you may end up not performing to your best which can lead to more frustrations.


5. THE SEX HAS BECOME TOO PREDICTABLE: Are you so used to routine that you can actually count the bed creaks to the last digit each time you have sex? What starts off as a comfortable position can soon turn into the only position. Don’t let that happen. One of the best things you can do here is to try something new and exciting. Se x is never boring, it’s a part of life and evolution, and your mind will never get bored of it. It’s the routine that gets boring for partners. Trying something new can be uncomfortable at first, but it can open the doorway to better se x. It’s about experimenting slowly and bringing in a few changes one day at a time.

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