Armed Robbers Fire Shots at a Man’s Penis, and this happened


A man identified as Lucky Mokotedi, has told of how his manhood was miraculously saved when he was attacked by armed robbers.

Lucky said he watched in horror as one of the thugs aimed straight at his p*nis and pulled the trigger.

He closed his eyes, felt the impact, but heard a clang! He then looked down and saw that his belt buckle had saved his p*nis

Lucky Mokotedi, a 43-year-old man from Empilisweni squattercamp, Katlehong, Ekurhulenisaid, South Africa, he was so grateful to his buckle for saving his most precious asset.

He said he ran to help a resident on Sunday who was being robbed when he suddenly found himself face to face with a robber with a wild look on his face and a gun in his hand.

“The thug told me he wanted to rob me of my p*nis. When he aimed for it I knew I my life was about to change forever because my girlfriend would dump me.

“What would be the use of a man without a p*nis?”

He said he prayed hard when the thug fired.

“It was a miracle the bullet didn’t hit my 4-5. It bounced off my belt and struck my thumb. I’m in pain now, but it’s a lot better than life without my 4-5. I praise my ancestors for my narrow escape. I want to go home and tell my parents what happened.”

Lucky said he thought the gun only had one bullet in it.

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