These six points will convince you cows are treated better than humans Nigeria


Editor’s note: The federal government has announced plans to establish cattle ranches across the country as a way of putting an end to clashes between farmers and herdsmen.

In this opinion by Jaafar Jaafar, he highlights six points that indicates that the lives of cows gets better priority in Nigeria than humans.


1) When government asked us to stop importation of rice, same government justified importation of grass for cows from Brazil

2) When government plans impounding our vehicles over duties, same government made no plan to stop cows from moving freely on our roads

3) When our silos are empty and foodstuff prices increased due to government-inflicted recession, same government plans establishment of grazing reserves for cows

4) When government plans ranches (in all divisions and brigades) for cows, no plan to build homes for the homeless citizens.

5) When soldiers need training in counter-terrorism, government rather thought soldiers deserved to be trained in cattle rearing in Argentina.

6) When even foreign/alien herdsmen sacked villages, killed citizens, they were traced to their “countries” and compensated.

Wait… Unless if cows were actually part of the 97 percent that voted for this government, this bias must stop.

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