Buhari Budgets N52 million For “Shit Clearing” At N144k Daily 52


President Muhammadu Buhari’s Budget of Growth and Recovery is full of contradictions an analyst, Saatah Nubari, has pointed out.

In his piece titled; 2017: That Aso Rock Budget That Deserves Your Attention, he explains that Buhari has upped the “Sewage Charges” by 1, 050% compared to the 2015 budget and 850% more than the 2016 budget.

“The first piece of shit I was hit with, ironically, was the “Sewage Charges” budget of the State House Headquarters” It was put at 52,827,800. That means 144,733 every day. That’s a lot of shit as far as the eye can see.

“Compare this with the “Sewage Charge” budget for 2015 which was N4,957,143 and for 2016 which was N6,121,643.

“This simply means the shit charge went up by 1050% compared with the 2015 budget, and 850% when compared with the 2016 budget. The N52,827,800 question I want to ask now is what exactly are they shitting there?” He observed.

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