Tunde Bakari calls for scrapping of Nigeria’s 36 states, says they are good for nothing


The presiding Pastor of the Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakari, has called for the scrapping of the 36 states in Nigeria.

This was as he advocated the reversal to a regional system, stressing that the 36 states should be converted to districts which should be headed by mayors.

Describing the 36 states as “good for nothing” Bakari expressed optimism in the ability of President Mohammadu Buhari to restructure Nigeria and scrap the 36 states.

Noting that restructuring will save the country the huge resources consumed by states, Bakare added that collapsing the states into regions will correct the flaws of her federal system.

In his state of Nation Address delivered at the Church Headquarters in Lagos, Bakare also stressed the need for Buhari to demonstrate more commitment, courage and audacity on his fight against corruption.

According to Bakare, “These thirty-six states, overwhelmingly sustained by 24 allocations from Abuja, cannot guarantee functional infrastructure such as world class roads, railways, airports, housing and urban development. These thirty-six states, largely unable to pay workers’ salaries, cannot guarantee standard educational and healthcare systems, or facilitate rural development.

“These thirty-six states should, in fact, become districts headed by Mayors within the framework of six geopolitical zones, because they will be stronger and more productive within a zonal structure.

“As zonal structures, they can pool resources to build transportation infrastructure; as zonal structures, they will empower local governments to bring effective governance directly to the people.

“As zonal structures, they will efficiently coordinate socioeconomic policies for the benefit of every Nigerian – every Nigerian like Mama Blessing, whose petty trading business will be expanded and transformed by vibrant regional agricultural and transportation policies; every Nigerian like Mazi Kelechi, whose electronics business can have a globally competitive made-in-Nigeria supply from regionally backed industrial clusters; every Nigerian now just selling suya who can build a whole range of businesses around hides and skins sourced from regionally coordinated ranching systems; every Nigerian like Baba Bukky, who will no longer rely on generating sets for power supply due to regional coordination of multimodal resources for efficient power generation, transmission and distribution.”

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