Nigerian Lady reportedly saves N489,500 in one year with the help of a piggy bank (photos)

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A lady on instagram has said she saved up about N489,500 with the help of a piggybank. She apparently, started saving up from February 2016. She saved up every extra change she had on her at the end of everyday.. and this was the result.

Sometimes she saves N200, N500, even N1000. When the vault was opened at the end of 2016, she was amazed to realise she had saved for herself N489, 500.

Story was shared online by a social media user who says you too can achieve same if you do these:

1- Get your own saving box
2- Make up your mind everyday to put in something no matter the amount
3- Then relax and wait for 365days to elapse. You will be amazed at the result.

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