Unbelievable! Couple Spotted Riding a Horse Totally N*ked on the Street (Photos+Video)


A couple surprised everyone as they rode on the back of a horse completely n*ked in the streets at night.

A Colombian couple shocked many by riding a horse through the streets while totally n*ked. The incident happened in Urrao, north east Colombia at night.
According to a report by Dailymail, the couple led the beast through the streets of the town as a group of revellers followed them on their way.
The horse’s hooves can be heard clip-clopping along the concrete as the merrymakers cheer the couple along.
Eventually the totally n*ked man jumps down from the horse and stumbles as he walks off. He is then joined by his female accomplice, who dismounts the beast wearing only her underwear.
Duvan Gallego wrote: ‘That’s what life is all about. Take risks, do different things, be creative, break paradigms!’
Watch video:

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