“You need prayer and fasting” dating page tells lady, whose boyfriend cleans her before & after sex

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Nigerian lady, who has reached out to an Instagram dating page for advice in a viral post,  has been told, she needs praying and fasting to “ask for forgiveness.”

The lady had narrated, how she met a man online, who has been showering with her gifts, promised to marry her, but he cleans her genitals with  spirit and cotton wool before and after sexual intercourse with her.

The page replied to the woman’s comment is epic; “My dear there’s nothing wrong in loving gifts, we all do, but when it becomes greed it has certainly gone to the extreme. When you noticed he cleans your private part with spirit and wool, on that first day, you should have told someone, maybe your mom or someone you can confide in, but you allowed it to linger for too long. If when your gut instincts was telling you to say or do something about it, and you did, we won’t be here! You allowed it to keep happening just because of greed.”

Then, it goes on to tell this girl she needs to pay for her greedy sins by fasting and praying for forgiveness.

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