8 Awkward Signs You’re Having Bad S3x With Your Partner


No matter how much you love your partner, you both may, unfortunately, be having unsatisfactory s3x with eachother and this usually happens when you have been with your partner for too long and you start losing the s3xual vibes between you both. No matter how much we try to cover it s3x is one of the basic ingredients that makes a relationship and when it starts getting boring between partners then there is a problem.

Do you know you can love your partner and still have a less satisfactory s3x life? below are top signs you’re having bad s3x in your relationship.

You think about something else during s3x

You think about someone else during s3x

You cannot wait for the s3x to end

You prefer quickies

You only like one position

You seek pleasure from other people and means

You do not communicate during s3x

You feel more satisfied masturbating than having s3x with your partner

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