Things Only People Who Hate Public Display Of Affection Understand


“How do you explain to someone you love that your unwillingness to be affectionate in public is no way an indication of you not loving them?” since most people believe public display of affection (PDA) is a way of showing love.

“Being uncomfortable with physical displays of affection can be a rather lonely feeling especially if you’re usually one of the only ones in your friend group that doesn’t do the public display of affection thing, and it’s hard to find people who do to relate to you”. Well you are not are not alone if it’s any consolation, here are some things only people who don’t like PDA understand.
People think you’re cold-hearted

Your partner’s friends are suspicious of you, thinking you are cheating on your partner.

It can make your partner more prone to jealousy and paranoia

Photos are awkward

Private affection is very important to you

Other people’s PDA makes you uncomfortable, too

You’re extremely aware of your surroundings

You hate how it hurts your partner

Pet names count as PDA for you

You show affection in your own ways

PDA seems like showing off to you


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