Ladies!! 8 Things All Guys Want To Hear In Bed Tonight


Just like you, your man wants to know if you think he is the best thing that has ever happened to you but that doesn’t mean that you scream till your vocal cords give way during your s3x.

Most guys just want to know if you are thinking about them and if they are really giving it to you well during s3x so they need you to tell them as well as act it to them. Here are some things your guy want to hear while in bed with you.

Complimenting his p3nis size:“Complimenting a man on his p3nis is the best way to go, telling him that his member is so big that you can hardly contain it, is one of the best things you can tell him, trust us, you’ll have a romp to remember”.

Saying his name: “Shouting his name out loud shows him that you are thinking about him even when your eyes are closed and your face is contorted with pleasure, yell his name and let him know that it is only his body that can satisfy you”.

Moan: “Lying on the bed while he is hard at work is so not done, ladies and staying mute during lovemaking is a cardinal sin, moan as loud as you can and see the change in his tempo and moaning like there is no tomorrow will show him that he knows just how to hit your pleasure spot”.

The action: “Describing what he is doing to you can be a really big turn on, he may not say it to you, but he secretly enjoys it and complimenting him on his moves, well, it’s a recipe for the best s3x ever”.

You’re the best: “Comparing your man to the others you have had and giving him the ‘best’ tag is well the best thing that could happen to him”.

Fantasies: “If you tell your man the s3xual fantasies you harbour, chances are he might just be eager to fulfil them, tell him the kind of s3xual fantasies you have when making love and he is sure to go that extra mile to please you”.

Tell him what you like: “When making love, encourage your man to do the specific things you like him doing to you, if you like him nibbling your earlobe or nipping at your neck, then say it and he will love it and do those more often just for your pleasure”.

Dirty phrases: “When confused about what exactly to say to your man in bed the best way is to use some dirty stock phrases to him”.

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