He was my best friend’s lover but he is happy in my bed now!


Hell, it’s often said hath no fury like a woman scorned. For your information, that’s a biblical truth from the great book of proverbs. How do you think it feels watching someone else eat a meal you so much desire and all you could do is stand and watch? It’s so bad here that you are not even offered a single morsel out of this plate. More so annoying is the fact that the one eating throws around the morsels all over like some irritating junk food.

Sometimes, I compare my best friend to a pig with a gold ring in its snout. Does she even know the value of that gold ring? No way! I guess I should stop the parables now and go to the main story.

Daniella had been my best friend for close to six years now, ever since we’d met in our third year at the university.  The accommodation problems back on school campus had been severe and securing a space had been like winning an Olympic medal. Fortunately though, I was able to meet a caretaker who offered me a place in town and it was in the process of making final negotiations that Daniella had come my way.

“The rent per year goes for one thousand five hundred per month and you will have to pay two years up front,” the rather stout looking agent had said.

I quickly did a memory work, bringing all my mathematical prowess to the fore. Of course, I wasn’t studying mathematics and statistics for nothing.

“That would be N36,000 Mr. Caretaker,” I said faintly, imagining the bulky sum.

“Yes sister and you’ll still have to pay agency and agreement fee of N5,000 each,” he continued.

I swallowed spittle quickly. When I had collected funds from home, I had collected about N40,000, believing  I would still make a lot of money, for myself after securing my space, but now alas, I didn’t even have up to the required N46,000 the agent was requesting for.

“Oga Caretaker,” I began in a pleading tone.  “The truth is, I don’t even have up to N46,000 right now. Let me pay for 18 months and balance you up later.”

“No, sister,” he said stubbornly, shaking his head.

“You don’t even know how lucky you are. If you don’t want it, another person is interested.”

“Oga please,” I began, but the man did not even seem to be listening. I jumped as I felt someone tap me and I quickly turned to see a beautiful young woman of about my age and size. I stared on vaguely.

“Sorry to disturb you,” she apologized,” but do you mind if we share? I seem to be in the same situation with you here.”

I thought for a minute. I always preferred my privacy and that was why I had gone all the way to get a space all alone. Besides, I did not even know this girl from anywhere and sharing a room with her would probably mean sharing so many other things. Now, I didn’t know if I was ready for that. Again, I looked at my options, I could reject the offer of sharing and be back on the streets, searching for a relatively cheaper accommodation or I could take up the offer, save myself some cash and pray my new partner and I got along well.

“He said the full amount is N46,000,” I told the girl, motioning to the agent.

“I heard. So how do you prefer we pay? Half a piece, right?” she said, flashing a smile that showed her dimples. At that moment, I liked her. I smiled back.

“Sure, that’s N23,000 each.” I said, feeling quite happy, having saved N17,000.

“I appreciate your kind gesture. I’m Daniella,” she said, offering her hand.

“I am Rachael”, I said, taking her hand.

“Department of mathematics and statistics, year 3.”

“We happen to be in the same faculty then. How come I’ve never seen you before? I am in Economics, year 3.”

By the end of that day, Daniella and I had become friends and paid up all we had to. Within weeks, our new room was perfectly taken care of, as we both made our contributions towards buying the fixtures, fittings and all other things students love to have in their rooms, I was immediately taken to Daniella and I was sure I had not made a mistake in choosing her as my roommate. She was jovial, caring and pretty funny too, and we had so much in common. We talked about everything and with time, we got to meet each other’s families. We sort of became like sisters.

One thing, however, seemed to separate Daniella and I, and that was basically in our attitudes to relationships. While I believed in giving your heart totally to the man you love and thus, leaving no room for anyone else, she believed in going into the ‘game’ as she called it with your ‘heart’ and your ‘head’.

“Baby girl,” she would often say, “I go into the fame with 70% head and 30% heart, just in case, so that I don’t lose so much once it all crashes.”

“But why would you hope it would crash, Daniella?” I would challenge.

“Hey Baby,” she would say, lifting a brow.

“Nothing lasts forever. We only have what we have while we have it. Once it’s time for it to go to someone else, it goes, and you’re left back in square one. So, why throw all your heart into something that might not last, pardon me, would not last forever.

I had to admit I didn’t like Daniella’s approach to issues of this nature and it often annoyed me to see her treat guys the way she did. While I had just one boyfriend while we were in school, she had scores of them. They often came in their numbers and as much as I hated to, I was often the one who had to do the cover-up for her.

“Hi Rachel, is Daniella at home?” Dennis, her boyfriend in Geology Dept. might say, once he popped by.

“Hey Dennis, what’s up? Sorry, she had to rush for a lecture some minutes ago,” I would defend.

“Damn! But I just left her department and there’s no lecture going on there at the moment for her class.”

I would simply shrug. “Well, I don’t know, but she’s not here. Or do you wanna come in and check?”

“No, that won’t be necessary.” The dejected Dennis would say as he took his leave. I had to do so much of the cover-up acts that I soon got so used to lying to cover my best friend’s ass. Time passed and soon, the university was done with.

We served in different parts of the country, I had my youth service in Katsina State while Daniella had hers in Ebonyi State. All the while, we will keep in touch and our strong sisterly bond remained stronger than ever. After rounding off our service year, we decided to take up residence together and from there, we made our living as good jobs soon came calling for each one of us. It was at this height of our maturity that things began to change in a drastic manner.

I was determined to excel in my profession and as well as in life, and so while I worked hard at my job in the bank, I also kept my eyes open for the right man that would come and sweep me off my feet.


…to be continued


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