Does he do these 7 things? CONGRATS! you found a real man


These days, men are scared of commitment, and it’s hard to know who’s just playing a game and who is actually here to stay.

It can get hard finding that diamond in the rough in a world, however, these telltale signs can help you.

  1. He texts you on a regular basis.

You heard that right! There are actually men out there who know how to use a cell phone for something other than swiping left or right! It doesn’t bother him to have a running conversation with you, or even check in and ask how your day is going.

  1. He makes plans with you and follows through with them.

I know, I know, I must be yanking your chain right? Again, NO — I’m really not! There are actually men out there who will even make the plans themselves.

  1. He’s not afraid to communicate his issues and/or needs with you.

Even if he absolutely hates talking about his feelings, confrontation, or probably just verbalising anything other than sports… he’ll do it. He knows it’s for the best and it’s what you both deserve so you can keep moving forward.

  1. He does and/or says things just because he know’s it makes you happy.

Whatever he can do to put a smile on your face is all that seems to matter to him. Even if it’s running to the store to grab ice cream and chocolate at midnight because aunt flow came to visit.

  1. He’s an actual gentleman.

Not just holding the doors and pushing your chair in. He’s the one who doesn’t immediately try to get into your pants. Who actually wants to get to know the real you inside and out.

  1. He appreciates you and lets you know it, too.

He doesn’t take your presence for granted and is man enough to let you know it. Even if it’s just an I miss you, or a good morning and good night text… he wants you to know he cares and he’s there for you.

  1. He comes back to you… even after you’ve been a crazy psycho lady.

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You’re a pain in the ass… but you are HIS pain in the ass.

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