Dear SPY NIGERIA: I’m 36 and I want to Marry BUT the man I’m dating is uneducated



I’m 36 years old and I have dated this guy for a long time. My problem is that he’s not educated. He also doesn’t attend church but claims to have a relationship with God. I’m the opposite though, I have a relationship with God and I’m educated.

Unfortunately, it looks as though it’s only married men who find interest in me and even want to marry me at all cost. I really don’t want to get married to the uneducated man because we really don’t flow. Neither do I want to marry someone else’s hubby.

Please, he didn’t train me in university o, my siblings did. As it seems, age is not on my side. What do I do? I’m really confused. Helllllp!


My 2-Cents:

My dear, I will straight off recommend Ross T’s So you want to marry series… It’s a practical guide for the lady seeking a husband. I can say categorically that you and this man you’ve dated for a while now are not compatible. The two factors – you’re educated and he’s not; you’re a christian and he’s not – are major game changers in any relationship. Both of you are simply not on the same wavelength which is why you don’t “flow” like you say.

Whilst you might be able to manage a relationship now, it’ll be a lot mot difficult/almost impossible to keep it going for a lifetime. The fact that you have issues with it already is proof that the marriage wouldn’t stand much of a chance. I’ve seen several instances where couples split after a few years/months, citing “incompatibility” as reason for divorce… And I’m wondering, Ok, didn’t y’all notice you weren’t compatible before you took those vows??? I don’t think you want to go that route.


Meanwhile, your other ‘married men’ suitors are really not eligible so that option is definitely out of the question. Good thing you already mentioned that you don’t want to marry another woman’s husband. You can do better for yourself so no need to settle.

Much as it might not be what you want to hear at this time, I think you still have some waiting to do. But that really is not a bad thing; don’t mind what society thinks/says. You are better off single than in a trouble filled marriage. The right man will come in good time.

All the best darling.



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