How Much S*x Should You Have When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant


That’s obviously an exaggeration, but her comment made us wonder: Will getting it on several times a day increase your odds of conceiving?
The answer, surprisingly, is not exactly. “The general guideline for couples with no known fertility issues who are ready to become parents is to have frequent s*x, which is defined as s*x every day or every other day,” says Elizabeth Fino, M.D., assistant professor of ob-gyn and reproductive specialist at the NYU Fertility Center in New York City.

Knocking boots at this rate means that a guy’s sperm will be fresh and healthy, ideal for fertilization. “More frequent than that puts a lot of pressure on couples to get busy, and we don’t want to make it too stressful,” says Fino.

The advice changes, however, if a couple sees a fertility specialist and the guy is diagnosed with issues (which is the case with approximately 40 percent of fertility-challenged couples). “If there’s a problem with a man’s sperm count or his release, it’s advised that the couple only have s*x once every two or three days, which gives a man the opportunity to build up the best quality and quantity of sperm,” says Fino.

On the other hand, going without action for more than eight days can backfire; at that point, a man’s release will contain a higher percentage of older or even dead sperm—which are useless when it comes to conceiving. We don’t know what Kimye’s doctors are advising, but even five times a day is clearly too much of a good thing when it comes to making babies.

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