Oh No: Man Currently in Critical Condition As His Wife Gets Pregnant for Another Man

Kelvin Tsopotsi, a US-based Zimbabwean man is regretting ever leaving his wife in Zimbabwe shortly after their marriage as she got pregnant by another man.
According to H-Metro, friends and relatives of Kelvin Tsopotsi have revealed that he is in a critical medical state after he found out that his wife Kuziva Tsopotsi was pregnant.
However, Kuziva has since justified her actions claiming that she had divorced Kelvin and started dating Learnmore Tigere.
“I am not responding to what people are saying on social media and I have no comment about my pregnancy because Kelvin and I are divorced. He (Kelvin) is the one who is sending people to insult me on social media because he is the one who has my contacts,” she said.
Contacted for comment, Kelvin could not respond to the allegations as he was said to be in hospital. However, his brother Mandla Tsopotsi said Kuziva was after Kelvin’s fortune and their marriage was still subsisting.
“As a family, we are not happy with what Kuziva did to my brother. If their marriage ended as she claims, where is the evidence? She was just after my brother’s hard earned cash and as we speak my brother is disturbed very much by what she did, he doesn’t want to talk to people since he is heart-broken. On her birthday, my brother took her to Mauritius and he would always send her money. Despite all he did for her, she cheated on him,” he said.
Narrating his brother’s marriage, Mandla said Kuziva had always been unfaithful to his brother.
“We paid lobola which cost around $3500 and after that my brother had a court wedding with her and went back to the US. As a family we wanted Kuziva to come and stay with us and we tried to explain to my brother the dangers of letting her stay at her parents’ place but he did not take it seriously. Even before she got married, I was hearing a lot of rumors about different men she was dating in Harare. I would give my brother hints of what was going on but he trusted her too much. She gave my brother the impression that she was a church girl and she would even to go to some places claiming that she would be at church,” he said.
Mandla added that Kuziva attempted to abort the child but failed.
“When she realized that she was pregnant, she started lying to my brother that she had cancer and she wanted money for medication.
“I was reliably informed of places she went trying to abort the baby, to no avail,” he said.
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