Here Are The List Of The Most Important Things You Need To Consider When Buying A New Phone


So every time we want to buy a phone, we are always faced with the question of what kind of phone we should buy. This was the inspiration behind this post. Stay with us while we list out ten things you should take a look at before you decide on the kind of phone to buy. Let’s roll.

  1. Price

It is surely on purpose that this one is topping our list. Before you check out a phone, or even think of the kind of phone you want to check out, you should first weigh you pocket and see if it tallies with the price of whatever type of phone you want to buy. This is mostly where variations come in amongst different people as surely, all fingers are not equal.

2. Brand

Now, after you must have thought about the price, you must then think about the brand. A very recent report revealed that industry veterans, Apple are no more a top brand in the industry. So dear, when next you want to buy a phone be sure you go for the best brand (maybe Lenovo), as usually, they produce the best phones and their customer service is lit.


3. Battery

The powerhouse of a phone is the battery, so if you want to purchase a phone today, I’d advice you to make sure it has a very good battery. Normally, I’d recommend 3000 mAh and above for heavy users (Like me), though light users could make do with a lesser battery capacity. However, anything below 2500 mAh is a no no for me. NOTABLE MENTION: GIONEE M2017

4. 4G LTE

Before you purchase a phone in this present time and age, I’d advice you go for one that supports the 4G LTE network, except of course if you want to be living in the past in some months to come. With the rapid increase and upward spiral in the presence of 4G LTE in the continent, especially now that most telcos are making it a point of duty to make it available for users, it would be an ignorant call NOT to put this into consideration when you want to buy a phone.


5. RAM

Sometime back, we created a poll on which one tops your priority (Big display, Large RAM, good camera and good battery), and a majority said they’d prefer a good battery, while few mentioned the RAM. But then, for a proper usage of the phone, and to eliminate hanging during usage (when I’m not using Blackberry), a 2 GB or 3 GB RAM would do just fine. Anything less, I’m not interested.

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6. Display

Just as our fingerprints are different, so are our purposes of buying a phone are different. So if you’re purchasing a phone for the purpose of playing games or watching movies, then I don’t think a 6.0 inches phone is too big, but then, a base measurement could be 5.2 inches. In this category, I wouldn’t advice buying a phone less than 5.0 inches.NOTABLE MENTION: TECNO L9 PLUS


7. Internal memory

There’s no way you wouldn’t do without saving your pictures, videos, documents and many other files on your phone. So when next you want to purchase a phone, be sure it has a big internal storage space for the above purpose. An added advantage would be if it can support the use of an external micro SD card. If it can, then you’re good to go in this case.


8. Camera

Maybe this one’s here because I don’t take selfies that much. But then, for the selfies and “wefies” takers, you might want to know about the camera quality of a phone before you drop your hard earned cash to buy. If I were in your shoes, a 13 – 18 MP camera quality range is nice on the rear, while a non negotiable least of 8 MP on the front. NOTABLE MENTION: INFINIX S2 PRO

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9. Weight

This one might not be much of a determining factor once you’re satisfied with most other specs, but if you don’t want to feel like you’re carrying a hammer in your pocket, then please check for the weight of a phone before purchase. A little above 100g is ideal for a smartphone.

10. Other features e.g fingerprint sensor, iris

I’m sure everyone values his/her security very much, and added features like the fingerprint sensor and the iris scanner are very much important. So do you value your security very much, and you’re tired of the conventional password and pattern most smartphones have to offer? Then these features should be influential in your decision to buy a particular phone.


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