Like most patriots, I wanted Buhari to pick the path of statesmanship and resign. Events no longer allow me to be unflinching with that view. The question, the pertinent question is ” on whose shoulders shall the responsibility of governing the country fall?” The
same Yemi Osinbajo who has proven to be slightly worse than Buhari and more unskilled.
Under his flippant and ceremonious watch, Arewa youths gravely threatened the peace. Appeasingly , Yemi could not speak up for the country, leaving everything in the conspiratory, collaborative hands of the Kaduna state government. Bolstered by his care-free attitude, other disturbers of the peace confidently reared their ugly heads. Some feeble-looking Yoruba separatists organized a press conference and purported to have revoked the binding covenant of 1914. Militants, awhile asleep, scurried into volatile consciousness and quick-noticed strangers in their midst.
Boko Haram, formally left spineless and scattered, regrouped, recaptured territories and shot confident videos. The pejorative slur Femi threw on the peaceful advocates of restructuring as ” employment seekers ” and a concatenation of other sins of his show that he is incapable of leading Nigeria.
Let Buhari please hang in there. At least, till 2019. They should be bundled out together. This is to provide against a situation where people would attempt re-branding Yemi and separating him from Buhari. That was how good Yar’Adua died and left us with Goodluck Jonathan. Our common patrimony was, as a result, attacked with inexpressible rapacity. And pathetically plundered.

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