Miraculous! Prophet T.B. Heals Man From Deadly HIV/AIDS Disease, Shows Proof (Photos)

Prophet TB Joshua is regarded as one of Nigeria’s foremost and most renowned Prophets.
He is also regarded as the most controversial men of God in recent times.
Prophet Joshua is known for conducting lots of healing and deliverance sessions for the many people who throng to his Synagogue Church of All Nations all the time.
The man who was healed
Recently, the pastor, through his Facebook page, shared the testimony of one Mr Julius Adams, a man who got delivered from HIV/AIDS.
Below is what was shared on the Pastor’s page.

“Mr Julius Adams was diagnosed with the devastating disease of HIV/AIDS Positive-1 in 1995. He had lived with the terrible disease for the next five years. Not wanting to live the rest of his life in misery and even have a shortened life, he decided to seek a permanent solution from God Almighty. 
“He discovered The SCOAN and believed that only God could heal him from this incurable disease. The man of God, Prophet T B Joshua prayed for him and declared him free in Jesus’ name.
“After some time, Mr Adams decided to go for a confirmatory test to check his healing. To his wonderful surprise, the test results came back negative! He had received his complete healing in Jesus’ name!
“It has now been 16 good years that Mr Julius Adams has been free from the deadly disease of HIV/AIDS Positive-1. With his medical reports sitting side by side, Mr Adams proudly shows the congregation his before and after results. Glory be to God Almighty for this miraculous healing. He tells the crowd that there is no earthly cure available, that one must seek the Almighty hand of God to receive a permanent solution through Jesus Christ.”
Below is the proof shared:

Woman just discovered her husband of 3 years is a woman


A woman has been served the shock of her life after discovering the man she married is actually a woman who claims to be a tomboy. The bizarre case has left people in shock after a woman from Founders town unknowingly married another woman thinking she was a man.

In fact, she has slept with ‘him’ on numerous occasions but the woman, unknown to her, used a small pestle (mutswi) as ‘his’ manhood.

However, the cunning tomboy allegedly covered the black pestle with two condoms, switched off the lights each time they become intimate and always refused to be caressed by the partner.

But three years into the marriage, Memory Danzi (34) of Founders town discovered that her partner was a woman recently after she noticed some blood stains on Clemence George Chibaya Chiwenga’s pants. The stains were said to be from her menstruation.

Baffled by the finding, she set up a trap in the bathroom, budged in as ‘he’ was busy scrubbing ‘his’ body and behold, the person she has been calling hubby was just a woman like her.

Manica Post reports that more revelations were made open last Saturday night when Danzi made a report against Chiwenga at Dangamvura Police Station. Police have now opened an aggravated indecent assault docket in view of the ‘pestle’ that was used by the suspect in making love to the complainant without her knowledge. The ‘pestle’ was recovered and it will be used in court as an exhibit.

When Chiwenga realised that her lover had gone to make a police report, she vanished from the scene and was later arrested on Monday night after an ambush at a garage where she was hiding.

Following her arrest, police officers were in a quandary on whether to lock her up in female holding cells or to send him to male cells. At the police station, Chiwenga admitted that she was a woman, but due to circumstances surrounding the case the officers felt that if she was to be locked up with female inmates she might abuse them like what she allegedly did to the complainant.

Placing him in men’s cells was also tricky because although she behaves and wants to be a man, she is a woman. Chiwenga was later locked up alone in a secure office for the night.

The news crew caught up with Danzi who tearfully chronicled the hard to believe events surrounding the three-year affair with the suspect whom she thought and believed was a man.
She felt grossly cheated and abused:

“I fell in love with this ‘man’ in 2013, but I later went and stayed in Macheke. I came back to Mutare in 2015 and we reignited our romance. Before ‘he’ dated me, I only knew ‘him’ as a carpenter and ‘he’ used to repair my furniture. Then, ‘he’ had a wife and ‘he’ used to come to my house in the afternoon and went back to his wife in the evening. In August this year ‘he’ separated from his wife and came to stay with me at my house. ‘He’ told me that ‘he’ chased his wife away because she wanted to poison ‘him’.

“I was surprised one of the days when I told one of my children, Masset, to go and do our laundry. She went and did the laundry from a nearby stream. I did not know that Chiwenga’s pants were among the dirty clothes. As Masset did the laundry she noticed that the pants were stained with menstrual blood.”

“I located the pestle and hid it. We quarrelled over the pestle as I wanted to take it to the police and ‘he’ wanted to destroy it. I managed to hide it under the mattress. Every time we slept together I felt deep pain and I had difficulties in walking because of the pestle ‘he’ used. I later opened up to my relatives and told them everything. Right now I am having endless menstrual periods because of that pestle ‘he’ used.”

At the police station, Chiwenga denied ever using the pestle on the complainant. She said she used her fingers in making love and that the pestle allegations were being cooked up by Danzi in a bid to fix her for not giving her money.

The case goes to court soon in Zimbabwe.

How Poverty Almost Made Me Abort My Son After My Husband’s Sudden Death – Regina Chukwu


A Nigerian actress and mother of two has shared inspirational story how she survived after the sudden death of her husband.

Nollywood actress, Regina Chukwu has shared her motivational story how poverty nearly forced her to abort her pregnancy following the sudden death of her husband. She took out time to celebrate her son who just turned 14 and shared the story behind his birth.

The actress who has two kids urged her fans never to give up. She wrote: “Ring the bell sound the alarm for on this very day 14yrs ago a prince was born Am I going to write an epistle this year AGAIN? Ofcos I will.

Regina Chukwu and her son Richard

“This young man here reminds me so much of his late father *mixfeelings*Come with me as I travel down memory lane;

“On this faithful day, I walked into my then pastor’s office (I had come for counseling) after exchanging pleasantries, the pastor showed me to a seat N as made to seat comfortably he said nd I quote ‘sister the lord will visit you with a male child soon’ on hearing that my eyes went straight to the calendar that was hung on the wall of his office, and I realised I was 2 weeks late.

“There and then, the world around me collapsed, I am supposed to be happy but I was not, why? You do ask….. as at that time, we were living from hand to mouth, my husband was sick and to crown it all Racheal was just like a year.

“At that spot I decided abortion was the solution but I made sure not to betray my emotion in the presence of our pastor. I got home and I said to my husband ‘I think I am pregnant’ and like I had envisaged he said it to me point blank ‘we are getting rid of it’ how do we have another child in this condition.

“I said okay but that the pastor said it’s a male child o and like the typical Igbo man that my husband is now, his face brightened up at the mention of a MALE child, so he said to me ‘chi maybe we should leave it, God will provide’ he was from zero to 100 in less than a min.

to cut the long story short Maduabuchi Richard Nwafor came into our lives after nine months and the father left us when he was just 4months (he waited for him) a lot of things happened in that space of 13 months but it’s a story for another day .

“My son thank God I kept you, you and your sister have been a great source of strength to me this past years. Sunday left me with the most beautiful gift which is the both of you, and I love that you are my kids cos no one understands me like the both of you I pray this will not be your last birthday on earth your father died young you will live to be very old I will never have any cause to cry over U both happy birthday son momma loves u scarra N ur sister loves you too.

“So as the photoshoot was going on, the photographer @salaamjamiu jamiu asked if I could pls lift @richardnwafor up and pose for a shoot and I was like ‘of cos I can carry him’ that was how I tried lifting him up o, alas! I couldn’t even get his two feets off the ground like I almost fell o and am like Biko nu’ so I can’t carry this small buchi *the boy yaf big finish* .

“Everyone present was rolling on the floor now they suggested that he should carry me instead and I shouted ‘he can’t carry me o’ but buchi was like mummy haba I can carry you now and before I could say JACK my feets were off the ground.

***unbelievable*** I love you so much maduabuchi ricahard Nwafor”

President Buhari expresses sadness over Uyo church building collapse

President Muhammadu Buhari has ended a conversation a while ago with the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel in which he congratulated the Governor and his family on their lucky escape from the tragic collapse of the building of the Reigners Bible Church, Uyo.
According to a statement by spokesperson Shehu Garba, the President also conveyed to the Governor and the People of Akwa Ibom State, the deep sorrow of his family, the government and the entire people of Nigeria over the many deaths and injury recorded following the incident.
In praying for the repose of the souls of the deceased and the quick recovery of the injured, President Buhari implored the people of the state, especially those in the catchment area of the incident to rally around the victims of the tragedy to help ease their sorrow and pains.
He commended the Government of the state for the handling of the situation, so far.

#Rivers Rerun: Voting Takes Place Inside APC Chief’s Compound


The house of a Rivers APC Chief, Magnus Abe, became a polling unit on Saturday in the Rivers rerun election.

Magnus is APC’s candidate for Rivers South East senatorial district. His house is located at Bera, Gokana Local Government Area, LGA.

The materials used for the voting exercise held in his compound are believed to be those meant for his unit 10, Ward 16, Bera, Gokana LGA.

Also, voters cooperated with the politician as they thronged the compound to vote.

As the voting progressed, there were scores of security operatives, including soldiers and police officers in the compound.

People whose identify could not be verified were in charge of the exercise, while those who were confirmed to be INEC staff just hung around the compound holding trivial discussions with aides of Mr. Abe.


    Istanbul Stadium Blasts Leaves At Least 13 People; Injured Many Others

    VIDEO Shows Suspected ISIS Suicide Bomber in Istanbul Blast

    Two explosions near a football stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, has killed at least 13 people and injured many others. Turkish officials said the blasts, believed to be a car bomb and a suicide bomb, had targeted police officers.

    Witnesses heard gunfire after the attack, which happened two hours after fans had left the Besiktas stadium.

    Turkey has seen a recent spate of militant attacks in major cities that have left dozens of people dead.

    No group has said it was behind the attack but a wave of bombings in Turkey this year has been carried out by Kurdish militants and so-called Islamic State (IS), the BBC’s Turkey correspondent, Mark Lowen, reports.

    The fact that police appear to have been hit will focus suspicion on Kurdish guerrilla groups, who have mainly targeted the security forces, he adds.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed fatalities but gave no details.
    “A terrorist attack has been carried out against our security forces and our citizens,” he said.

    “It has been understood that the explosions after the Besiktas-Bursaspor football game aimed to maximise casualties. As a result of these attacks unfortunately we have martyrs and wounded.”

    The blasts came two hours after a football match at the Vodafone Arena between Besiktas and Bursaspor, two of Turkey’s top teams, ended.

    Local media reported that fans had already dispersed. Bursaspor posted on Twitter that none of its groups knew of any injured fans.

    Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said: “It is thought to be a car bomb at a point where our special forces police were located, right after the match at the exit where Bursaspor fans exited, after the fans had left.”

    He later said the second blast, at nearby Macka Park, was believed to be a suicide bomb.

    TV channel NTV reported that the target of the first attack was a bus carrying riot police.

    Photographs posted on Instagram after the explosion showed helmets strewn on a road and damaged vehicles.

    A police helicopter circled overhead and windows in nearby buildings were blown out by the force of the blasts.

    Nigeria Super Falcons Face Life Ban for Protesting Against NFF


    The NFF has plans to ban several super falcons stars for life following their disagreement over unpaid wages and bonuses for the AWCON 2016 with the federation, the Nation reports.

    Francisca Ordega, one of the players who had reportedly said she regretted playing for Nigeria before denying the statement later on is on the list, reports say.

    “I can categorically state here that the name Ordega will never be heard or seen in a Super Falcons team list again. This I was told by another top official of the football house,” someone familiar with the matter said.

    “No less than 10 of these players could be banned for life for ridiculing their fatherland before the international media and henceforth, the NFF may draw up a code of conduct to guide against future occurrences.”

    “The coaches and officials are not left out as they could lose their jobs for not standing firm in support of the federation when it matters most.”

    How God saved me from Abacha’s hit men, and something happened following Monday – Pastor Adeboye (VIDEO)


    The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) Pastor Enoch Adeboye, on Saturday morning narrated how God delivered him from the claws of former Nigerian military Head of State, late General Sani Abacha, without any human intervention.

    Speaking in the early hours of Saturday during the annual Holy Ghost Congress 2016 of the church tagged ‘Complete Restoration’, the clergyman who chose not to mention the name of the former military ruler, narrated how the late Head of State made plans to “remove” him in the wake of his (Abacha’s) planned translation from military ruler to a civilian leader in 1997.

    Delivering his sermon to the multitude of worshippers, which included the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and his wife; Governors Akinwunmi Ambode and Olusegun Mimiko of Lagos and Ondo States respectively, the man of God said the encounter is an example of great victory without a fight.

    He said: “When you read 2 Chronicles 20:1-25, you will see the example of victory without a fight in the life of Jehoshaphat.

    “You will remember those of you, who know the details; Nigeria was living under a siege at a particular time. There was a reign of terror by a military president who wanted to transform to a civilian president. And then his herbalist told him that this plan cannot come to pass because of a certain man who is praying at a place called Camp and unless you remove that man your plan won’t work.

    “And so information came to me that they are coming for me and in those days when they come for you that is the end of the story.”

    “As an ordinary human being when I heard that I was troubled. I didn’t tell my wife, but I got out for my prayer walk but it wasn’t an ordinary prayer walk that day.”

    “I’ve just been praising God for a while before I prayed when God spoke to me and said hey son don’t worry yourself I will take care of the situation.”

    “It was a Tuesday of the week of the Holy Ghost Service and Daddy said to me, son, soon as your children gather ask each one to greet his fellow and say happy new year. In June! I came, because I know His voice, He’s my Commander in Chief I announced it to the people. Crazy as it may sound. I said go ahead greet one another happy new year. They didn’t query me, they just greeted. By the following Monday, we knew why we were celebrating.”


    Buhari’s family disowns daughter’s pre-wedding photos


    President Muhammadu Buhari’s family on Saturday disowned some photographs trending on social media and some conventional media said to be pre-wedding photographs of their daughter, Zahra, and Mohammed Indimi.

    In a statement by the Special Assistant on Media to the wife of the President, Adebisi Olumide-Ajayi, the family described the photographs as untrue and embarrassing to them.

    Olumide-Ajayi said the family would want the forthcoming marriage to remain a private affair.

    She also promised that official photographs of the wedding would be released at the appropriate time.

    The statement read, “It has come to the notice of the Buhari family that certain photographs are making the rounds both on social and conventional media claiming to be pre-wedding photographs of Zahra Buhari and Mohammed Indimi.

    “Not only are these photographs untrue, they are also a source of embarrassment to the couple.”

    Gov Udom escapes death as 200 die in Akwa Ibom church collapse


    The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, narrowly escaped death on Saturday as the building of Reigners’ Bible Church Int’l Inc, along Uyo Village Road, Uyo, the state capital, collapsed during service.

    The incident left about 200 worshippers dead. Sources said it took the efforts of the governor’s security officers to whisk him away to safety. He was said to have sustained a minor injury.

    SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that the governor was in the church attending the ordination of the church’s Presiding Pastor, Bishop Elect Akan Weeks, when the building gave way few minutes before offering period.

    One of the aides, who rescued the governor, was said to have died at a nearby hospital where he was rushed to.

    A security officer, who did not want to be named, said many dignitaries who accompanied the governor to the church also died.

    Our correspondent gathered that the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Etekamba Umoren, also shattered his head in the incident. He was said to have been taken to an undisclosed hospital in the state.

    SUNDAY PUNCH learnt that the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Ekerette Udoh, also sustained serious injury.

    It was gathered that construction works on a section where the ordination held were rushed because of Saturday’s event. The church has an estimated 10,000-seater capacity. Two cranes belonging to construction giant, Julius Berger, were used to clear the debris.

    A clash was averted between the police and some residents as the latter tried to calm frayed nerves.

    The state Commissioner for Works, Ephraim Inyang, refused to speak with journalists when he was approached. He ordered them to leave the place.

    Mrs. Yenime Ekpo, who is a mother to one of the victims, Tony Brown, 46 with six children, said they were worshiping in the church when the building collapsed.

    She stated that Brown was trapped in the rubble for many hours along with others before she was rescued.

    Saying she was unsure of her son’s survival, Ekpo noted that they were not members of the church but only went to witness the ordination.

    Also, a student of the University of Uyo, Department of Communication Arts, Uduak Effiong, said she lost three of her course mates to the incident.

    She stated that when the building collapsed, a pillar fell upon a woman and tore her body.

    She said, “I saw over 100 dead bodies. These were the ones close to me. From my estimation, more than 300 people might have died as people came from other churches in all parts of the state, including government-sponsored praised singers with uniforms to attend the programme. For some of us that escaped, we only did by the special grace of God.”

    Another student of the University of Uyo, Jennifer Thomas, told our correspondent that one of her friends, Blessing Linus, was trapped in the debris.

    It was learnt that the iron used in holding the roofing sheet was twice heavier than the block used for the building. Security operatives cordoned the area and denied journalists access.

    Some members of the church seized the identity card of our correspondent and his computer tablet, saying he was a traitor as he tried to take pictures.

    The state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Murtala Mani, who said he could not ascertain the number of those dead or those trapped in the building, expressed sadness over the development.

    He said, ‘‘I am sorry about the entire situation.’’

    The Chief Medical Director of the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Prof. Etete Peters, said of the 50 cases treated in the treatment, only one person died.

    He said about 200 persons were brought to the hospital dead, adding that the hospital had never prepared for such an emergency.

    He said, “We only lost one person in the hospital except those that were brought dead. In circumstances like this, we have been overwhelmed. We need help from government.

    “Many victims are in private hospitals and mortuaries scattered all over Uyo metropolis; we can’t really tell how many people have died so far. We have over 200 persons in the mortuaries. We do not have space as people are still being brought in.’’

    “We have done our best to revive some victims. Right now, we have over 50 cases we are attending to. This is the first time we are witnessing such an incident.’’

    At St. Athanasius Hospital Limited, a nurse told our correspondent that one person was brought to the hospital dead but the relatives were asked to take the corpse away.

    In its reaction, the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria said it shared in the pain of the leadership and members of the church.

    In a statement by its state Chairman, Dr. Sylvanus Ukafia, the association urged all Pentecostal churches in the state and in Nigeria to hold special prayers for the church on Sunday (today).

    It added, “All churches should take special offerings for the medical assistance of all those injured and send same to the Reigners’ Bible Church. Church members who can are also urged to donate blood, where necessary, to those in the hospital and make other donations as may be required in the course of the treatment of those injured.’’

    In its reaction, the state government said a panel of enquiry would be constituted to ascertain the immediate and remote factors leading to the collapse of the church building with a view to forestall a reoccurrence.

    A statement by the Chief Press Secretary also noted that persons found to have compromised professional standards in the construction of the building would be sanctioned.

    It added, ‘‘His Excellency, the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, was present at the church service during the incident and thereafter personally supervised rescue operations and evacuation of the injured to the hospital. The state government will undertake the medical treatment of the victims.’’

    Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday congratulated Emmanuel, and his family on their lucky escape from the  collapse of the building of the Reigners Bible Church, Uyo.

    The President through a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, also conveyed to the governor and the people of the state, the deep sorrow of his family, the government and the entire people of Nigeria over the many deaths and injury recorded following the incident.