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Recovered loot used to fund school feeding programme, other initiatives- Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has revealed that a substantial part of recovered loot was being used to fund the school feeding programme and other social investment projects of the current administration.

Speaking at an event to commemorate the World Anti-corruption Day, Osinbajo listed some of such social investment projects to include the homegrown school feeding programme, growth enterprise and empowerment pogramme, as well as N-Power – “the largest social investment programmes of any administration”.

He promised that the federal government would continue to ensure adequate use of recovered assets.

Osinbajo, who delivered the keynote address titled, ‘Notable trends in the war against corruption,’ was represented by Waziri Adio, Executive Secretary, Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (NEITI).

“A large portion of recovered assets is used to fund the social investment projects of this administration,” he said.

“In 2016, Nigeria joined the open government partnership (OGP) and has thus far made 14 commitments aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of public office and increasing citizen participation in governance.

“Some of such commitments include open contracting (via the ICRC’s PPP contract disclosure portal), technology-based citizens’ feedback, presidential committee on asset recovery, voluntary assets and income declaration scheme, and the special investigation panel on the recovery of public property.

“The 2016, 2017 and proposed 2018 budgets all have a line for the recovery of stolen public funds. Hence, the recovery of funds is a revenue line.

While expressing frustration at the difficulty usually experienced in recovering stolen funds kept abroad, Osinbajo said, “The criminality involved in the initial acceptance of stolen funds by institutions in these countries is oftentimes left unpunished”.

“In order to be successful, the war against corruption requires the constant recruitment of stakeholders and partners, particularly from other arms of government and civil society organisations.

“I hope the issue of stakeholder recruitment and other pertinent issues will form part of your deliberations at the panel discussions still to come”, he added.

-Ripples Nigeria

Rotimi Amaechi is an ignoramus: Here are facts to prove it – Reno Omokri

It is quite possible that Rotimi Amaechi is losing his marbles otherwise why else would he be asking former President Jonathan to account for the $65 billion that former Olusegun Obasanjo left in the Excess Crude Account when there was never any such amount?

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria who served under his tenure, Professor Charles Soludo are both alive and journalists can take advantage of the Freedom of Information Act signed into Law by former Jonathan to verify from them if there was ever any $65 billion in the Excess Crude Account. Rotimi Amaechi is a notorious ignoramus who speaks without thinking and it is suspected that he is going senile.

The reason I say so is because Rotimi Amaechi as Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum is precisely the reason why the Excess Crude Account had to be phased out and below are the facts: The Jonathan administration met $6.5 billion in the Excess Crude Account upon inception in 2010 and not $65 Billion as wrongly asserted by Rotimi Amaechi. In fact, the Jonathan Government ought to be praised for increasing the amount in the ECA to almost $9 billion by 2012.

However, the Nigerian Governors Forum led by no other person than Rotimi Amaechi, using their influence at the House of Representatives, had gotten that August body to declare the Excess Crude Account illegal in 2012.

So excruciating was the pressure from the Nigerian Governors Forum and most notably from the then Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, (now the minister of transport) for the Jonathan administration to end the Excess Crude Account and the Sovereign Wealth Fund regimes and instead share the funds in those accounts amongst the three tiers of government that they approached the Supreme Court, to challenge the legality of the Excess Crude Account and then President Jonathan’s decision to transfer $1 billion from that account to the Sovereign Wealth Fund.

In fact, after hosting a meeting of the forum on September 21, 2012, at the Rivers state Governor’s lodge, Rotimi Amaechi said inter alia: “On the Excess Crude Account, Forum unanimously decided to head back to Court to enforce the Federal Government’s adherence to the constitution.” To those who do not know what the Constitution says, let me give you an insight by quoting from Section 162.

Section 162, provides that

“(1) The Federation shall maintain a special account to be called ‘the Federation Account’ into which shall be paid all revenues collected by the Government of the Federation, except the proceeds from the personal income tax of the personnel of the Armed Forces of the Federation, the Nigeria Police Force, the Ministry or department of government charged with responsibility for Foreign Affairs and the residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

“(2) The President, upon the receipt of advice from the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, shall table before the National Assembly proposals for revenue allocation from the Federation Account, and in determining the formula, the National Assembly shall take into account, the allocation principles especially those of population, equality of States, internal revenue generation, land mass, terrain as well as population density;

“(3) Any amount standing to the credit of the Federation Account shall be distributed among the Federal and State Governments and the Local Government Councils in each State on such terms and in such manner as may be prescribed by the National Assembly.”

From the above, it was clear what the Amaechi led Governor’s forum wanted. Mr. Amaechi led the governors in taking the Federal Government to court. The Jonathan administration offered an out of court settlement with the governors in a deal that would have seen the federal government sharing some of the money and saving up the rest for Nigeria’s future but the governors rejected the offer.

In fact, the Jonathan Administration had argued at the Supreme Court that sharing the money in the ECA would affect “the day to day running of the nation’s economy”. Working in tandem with Mr. Amaechi and his supporters in the Nigerian Governors Forum, the then minority APC members of the House of Representatives approached a Federal High Court on the 7th of February, 2014, for a perpetual injunction restraining the Jonathan administration from operating the ECA and to pay all the proceeds of that account into the Federation Account for sharing amongst the three tiers of government. As a result of these actions, the Jonathan administration paid the 36 states of the federation a total of N2.92 trillion from the Excess Crude Account between 2011 and 2014. Using the value of the Naira at that time that amount was just above $20 billion dollars. So it is quite clear that anyone who accuses the Jonathan administration squandering $65 Billion ECA funds is speaking in ignorance.

What I would advise Rotimi Amaechi to do is to take his own advise from last week when he said “I agree with those who said we should stop criticising the last government and that we should do our own” It is very wrong for Rotimi Amaechi to keep blaming the Jonathan administration while at the same time enjoying the fruits of its labour like the Abuja-Kaduna railway and the national railway that was revived by the Jonathan government after years of being moribund. If they are drinking from Jonathan’s well, let them appreciate the man who dug the well

Reno Omokri (for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan)

Nigerian youths tell Wike to apologise for ‘insulting the Yoruba people’

Yoruba youths in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) under the auspices of Congress of Concerned Sons and Daughters of Oduduwa, have urged Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike to apologise to Southwest people.

According to the group, the governor’s remark about the position of the Southwest in the PDP before last weekend’s convention, is disparaging.

If he failed to apologise, they said, the PDP would be dead and buried in the region because they would seek alternative political platform.

President of the Group, Hon. Dayo Ogunjebe said Wike insulted the Yoruba on a television programme in Abuja last Friday saying “We demand an immediate and full apology from Mr. Wike for the kind of language he deployed against our people”.

In a statement titled: “The Yoruba People: Time for deep

reflection” – Ogunjebe said: “Our leaders are being mocked. Our symbols of truth and sincerity are now being derided, snubbed, treated with contempt, disowned.

“The irreverent, scandalous, arrogant and most myopic statement by the Governor of Rivers State, Mr. Nyesom Wike, is the crowning of all insults upon our people. “This is rather scandalous and very benighted. He even insulted President Olusegun Obasanjo as a failure. This is an aberration”.

As for us at the Congress of the sons and daughters of Oduduwa, the PDP as presently constituted does not

appeal to us anymore. We will look for a more favorable platform that will protect the interest of our people.

“As we see it, the PDP has no future in Yoruba land any more. The party has failed our leaders. It has failed our youths. It has failed our women. It has failed everyone in Yoruba land. Without a redirection, PDP is dead and buried in Yoruba land.

“The Yoruba people had worked assiduously for the growth and development of PDP. In both financial and moral terms, the Yoruba people have been selfless, making tremendous sacrifices, consistent, devoted to the growth of our party.

“But we have been cheated. We have been maligned.”

I denied my husband se*x because I could not withstand …, wife tells court

Heated argument

A 44-year-old woman by name Modupe Alegbeleye, on Thursday told an Ikole-Ekiti Customary Court in Ekiti that she denied her husband, Ebenezer Alegbeleye, sex because of the cigarette odour from him.

Modupe said this while replying to a statement by her husband that she denied him sex for three months.

According to her, my husband likes smoking cigarettes but I do not like its odour.

“So, whenever he smoked and demanded sex; I was always turning down his demand as I hated cigarette’s odour.

“Although, I knew that my husband was a cigarette smoker before we started our relationship, I was always advising him to stop it.

“I was also praying so that he would quit it, but to no avail.

“That is why, sometimes, I would ask him to take his bath before making love to me.

“1 also denied him sex because I did not want more children based on the experience I had when I was to give birth to our second child.

“I lost the baby due to lack of proper care for the baby and me from my husband,’’ the woman said.
The husband, however, told the court that he needed more children because he was the only child of his mother.

“I am the only child of my mother. When my wife gave birth to our only son 10, years ago, I told her she would bear me more children.

“But my wife said no; and she has been denying me any romantic advances I make to her,” Alegbeleye said.

He told the court that peace would reign between them without separation, “If my wife will change her attitude and agree to bear me more children.

“She will also agree to take proper care of me by cooking my meals, which she had denied me for long.”

The court’s president, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, adjourned the case until May 22 for judgment after all efforts made to reconcile them proved unsuccessful.

IKOYI CASH: Whistleblower gets N421m, jets out of Nigeria

The Federal Government, yesterday, paid N421 million to the Ikoyi whistle blower, who provided information leading to the discovery of $43.5 million, £27,800 and N23.2 million at No. 16 Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Vanguard exclusively gathered that the money was paid to the beneficiary by officials of the Ministry of Finance after which he left Nigeria for an undisclosed country.

It was further learned that the eventual recipient of the reward money was the person who had earlier been taken to Yaba Psychiatric Hospital, Lagos, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, on the suspicion that he could be mad.

However, what government paid in line with the Whistle-blower Policy which recommended 2-5 per cent of any amount recovered for a whistle blower, was not the total amount due the Ikoyi whistle-blower.

When the next tranche would be paid could not be confirmed by Vanguard.

-Source: Vanguard

Buratai: That PMB’s “wiz-man” on counter insurgency, By Israel Abiodun

President Muhammadu Buhari knows the appealing burden of leadership. Anywhere a leader finds him, there are huge responsibilities and enormous expectations, no matter how infinitesimal the position entrusted to him.

Buhari knows a leader who sets his eyes on honest and dedicated leadership finds the burden of leading less cumbersome. Such leaders take the right decisions; opt for the right choices and do not falter before the antics of detractors.

On the flipside, a leader with a crooked mindset finds it extremely difficult to positively navigate the open and subterranean paths of leadership. But a leader who abhors irrationality and insists on what is right is often mistaken for a dictator. But he is least perturbed, and makes light of seemingly serious issues before his lieutenants and people because he is sure of progressive outcomes.

Last week, President Buhari was in Kano for a two-day official visit to this ancient city of Northern civilization. He was puzzled by the rousing welcome accorded him by both the small and the mighty. He was particularly enthralled by the spontaneous excitement of the masses or the Talakawas. It again gleefully reminded him of his touted cultic followership by the downtrodden which had always been the greatest envy of his political rivals.

But any onlooker would easily observe that the affection on President Buhari had roots spanning his years of enduring public life. The President has strived all his life to exude integrity, honesty and transparency in both private and public life. The many times he has been tested in public leadership, Buhari had proved himself a worthy leader. And it is in this ancient city of Kano that the Talakawas foisted on him the enviable sobriquet of “Mai Geskiya,” (meaning a man of honesty or truthfulness). For him, it was a visit to his ancestral roots.

Therefore, the masses charmingly demonstrated President Buhari’s more than two years civilian leadership of Nigeria has extricated them from many afflictions. They have tested development and employment/empowerment. And topmost of all, the people have been freed from the scourge and menace of rampaging Boko Haram terrorists which held the ancient city of Kano captive, like Borno and the rest. The public elation was fired from this angle and President Buhari got the inkling for the wild excitement.

He therefore, teased the people with a parody, declaring quite euphemistically that his APC- led government of Nigeria’s had three cardinal areas it covenanted with Nigerians to accord first premium and priority. He recounted these three most debilitating afflictions of the country as battling insecurity, reviving an economy in recession and tackling the monster of corruption.

No doubt, President Buhari is tackling all these national ailments simultaneously and impressively. But he teased that insecurity has been the most easiest to handle among the trio, than reviving the economy and battling corruption.

President Buhari felt comfortable and indeed confident about tackling the widespread and threatening insecurity across Nigeria because he appointed a workable team to lead the Nigerian military. The President from the outset believed he had to obey his conscience by appointing crack team of officers to preside over the bile insurrections, manifest in local armed conflicts and the almost insurmountable Boko Haram insurgency, which had arrogantly, in violent raids, seized swathes of territories of Nigeria’s sovereignty.

There is no intention to berate anybody or impugn the leadership character of any former leader of Nigeria. But the unalterable truth remains that if Nigerians assumed former President Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) failed on any aspect of leadership of the country, it was more visible in his helplessness to curb the rising spate of insecurity across the country.

It heightened to extents GEJ declared state of emergency in certain LGAs, but it never worked. Some foreign embassies consistently issued travel advisories or bans to their nationals wishing to journey to Nigeria because of the superfluous insecurity threats everywhere, including major cities like FCT, Abuja.

Unfortunately, the Jonathan government had a military team, which at least in public estimation were epicureans, who demonstrated a confounding indifference to their assignments. So, terrorists and other lethal sects feasted freely on Nigeria. Service Chiefs remained in their comfort zones in Abuja or elsewhere, and released troops to the warfront they hardly supervised personally, obviously because they dreaded possible attacks by insurgents. They had a penchant for issuing cold and lifeless directives to commanders and troops without checking the level of compliance.

President Buhari, a retired senior military officer himself, painstakingly scanned these lacunas in the counter-terrorism war and opted for a yawning and remarkable difference in his choice of Service Chiefs. He never allowed himself to be influenced by lobbyists. President Buhari went for the beast brains in the military, who had in their kitty track records of excellence and accomplishments on previous assignments.

And putting together the right team, President Buhari had his intentions on security of lives and property of Nigerians protected. Likewise, the securing and defending of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria got working perfectly and excellently to set timelines and targets.

Therefore, when President Buhari proclaimed in Kano that among the three focal malaises of Nigeria he elected to instantly remedy, security had been the easiest, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria was tacitly revealing to Nigerians the reward of getting the right team and competent hands to superintend on assignments. This strategy is a tool that works for leaders’ everywhere.

A peep into President Buhari’s security architecture or Nigeria’s current security defence team reveals the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Gabriel Olonishakin and the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai in seamless copulation in initiatives and strategies for the counter-insurgency operations.

Precisely and most outstandingly, Gen. Buratai, the helmsman of the counter-terrorism campaigns in Nigeria, can only be likened to the world’s youngest art award winner, “Wizkid” in terms of innovation, courage and charisma to truly appreciate his enormous roles and the corresponding successes that have come in recent times. In him the troops see the perfect definition of a servant-leader, kind and generous to a fault and a man who would prefer to sacrifice his personal comfort for others for the job to be done.

In strategies, tactics and field engagements with Nigerian troops, Gen. Buratai has personified excellence and a numbing competence, which has led to the decimation and eventual defeat of Boko Haram terrorists. He has continually maintained an excellent tradition of meeting timelines, punches on target and above all concerned about reforms that will enthrone the Nigerian Army as one of the best in the world. General Buratai sees a greater and more united Nigeria beyond Boko Haram and to this end made conscious efforts to ensure the Army leaves every area of Operation better than they have met the place.

It is needless to re-echo that President Buhari’s security “Team Right,” syndrome has packaged military officers who knows exactly when to advance attacks and when to retreat; it knows how to assail enemy camps and have arrests of terrorists’ and the surrender of top Boko Haram commanders. It has underlined welfare of troops on its list of first obligations.

The Security “Team Right” knew when to chase agents and sympathizers of terrorists who have constituted themselves into cogs in the wheel of progress. Or when these terror surrogates graduated the war of terror on Nigerians from the battlefield into cyberspace terrorism and contained it effectively.

These exploits spearheaded by Gen. Buratai as the ombudsman of the counter-insurgency operations have left a positive impression on the psyche of the world. It has thus, compelled a bewildered humanity into the endorsement of President Buhari as a leader who sticks to his words and promises. It is evident in the defeat of terrorism and sister devious terror sects in the country.

And strikingly, the COAS has not relented in spite of the gains registered in the terrorism war, and vows to sustain the tempo until the final whistle is blown. No day ever passes without Gen. Buratai redoubling efforts and inventing something new in the anti-insurgency battles. Just yesterday, the first set of graduates from the Army War College has their graduation ceremony, expectedly too is the commmecement of work at the Nigerian Army University of Technology, Biu. These are intended to completely free Nigeria from the claws of terrorists in order to make Mr. President to sparkle more and more in all his undertakings in the dogged determination to salvage Nigeria.

Therefore, the road is rough and the odds staked against the peace and progress of Nigeria are certainly tough; but President Buhari need not lose hope; but be confident that much can still be achieved on the economy and the war against corruption, like on security, with his ongoing laudable and impactful initiatives. He has no cause to tremble as Nigerians are firmly in his support for a better and greater nation.

Abiodun is a civil rights advocate and contributed this piece from Ibadan.

Peace Corps Asks Court To Jail IGP

The Peace Corps of Nigeria wants the Federal High Court, Abuja to commit the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to prison for alleged disregard of court orders.
The corps in Form 48 on Contempt of Court filed on Wednesday prayed the court to jail Idris to serve as deterrent to others in position of authority.
The contempt charge against the IGP was premised on the alleged refusal of the police to vacate the headquarters of the organisation which it sealed on February 28, during its official commissioning.
The suit was predicated on a judgment in a fundamental human rights suit delivered by Justice Gabriel Kolawole on November 9.
Kolawale in the judgment, ordered the police to unseal the corporate head office of the corps in Abuja.
He also ordered the police to pay the corps N12 million as damages for infringing on its rights to own property and for freedom of movement.
The suit was instituted by the National Commandant of the Corps, Dickson Akoh, and 49 others.
Speaking to newsmen, Akoh said his organisation had been pushed to the wall to institute the contempt charge against the police boss.
He said: “The organisation has secured seven different judgments from different courts, all barring the police from arresting detaining, harassing or intimidating our officers in the course of their lawful duties.”
Akoh said that his officers would not take laws into their hands but would continue to approach the court for intervention.

86 Brand New Luxury Vehicles, 4 Mansions SEIZED From This Civil Servant Reported To Be Richer Than 4 Governor Join together

Recall News Proof some months ago reported that one Ibrahim Tumsah, a Civil Servant at Ministry for Ministry of Power, Works and Housing is richer than 4 northern governors join together; the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Apo, Abuja, has ordered that 86 luxury vehicles, together with four houses and a quarry plant in Abuja, belonging to him be temporarily forfeited to the Federal Government.

The Director, according to Secret Reporter, earns less than Five Hundred Thousand Naira a month has properties splashed all over Abuja, Kaduna and Yobe where he comes from, using his name, brother, children and wives to acquire them.

The luxury vehicles were allegedly seized from Tumsah, a director in the federal Civil Service.

All the 86 vehicles, 23 of which were said to be armoured, linked to him, were described by detectives as brand new, Punch Newspaper reports this morning

The court’s forfeiture orders also affected four houses, two of which are located in Wuse II; one in Wuse Zone 7, and the other in Jabi, all in Abuja.

Also to be forfeited to government by the court’s orders, is a quarry in Kuje, Abuja, which was said to have been seized from Tumsah.

Eight containers, with household items, also seized from Tumsah, are affected by the court order.

The 86 vehicles, the landed assets and the other items were said to have been found on November 17, 2017, in a warehouse located on the premises of the house at 22 Igbani Street, Jabi, Abuja.

Court papers obtained by our correspondent on Wednesday showed that Justice Muawiyah Idris of the FCT High Court made the interim forfeiture orders on December 6, 2017.

The judge made the orders following an ex parte application filed on November 23, 2017, by the recently constituted Special Investigation Panel on the Recovery of Public Property on behalf of the Federal Government.

The panel is chaired by the Special Assistant to the President on Prosecutions, Chief Okoi Obono-Obla.

The judge granted the interim forfeiture order after the panel’s lawyer, Rimamsomte Ezekiel, argued the ex parte motion on December 6, 2017.

The court, in its ruling, granted the orders authorising the panel “to freeze” all the items listed in the schedule attached to the ex parte motion “pending full investigation on the serious criminal allegations that were brought against the respondents” – Tumsah and brother, Tijjani Tumsah.

But the judge also ordered that the panel’s ongoing investigation must be completed within three months.

He then adjourned until March 6, 2018.

Some of the 86 cars listed with their chasis numbers and colours in the schedule attached to the panel’s ex parte motion include Wrangler Jeep (black), Audi ASL (ash), Toyota Hilux (white), Taurus Ford (red), Mercedez Benz S550 (red), Mercedez Benz GL 550(black), Toyota Land Cruiser V6 (black), Toyota Prado Jeep (white), Jaguar (ash), another Toyota Hiluz (white), Toyota Highlander, and another Mercedez Benz S550 (black).

Also on the schedule are two Golf GTI cars (both black), Hyundai Veloster (red), Wrangler (red), Chevrolet (ash), Mercedez Vaneo (ash), Infinity FX50 (ash), Honda 2008/9, Jaguar XF (silver), Sahara Jeep (grey), BMW 7 Series (dark ash), Mercedez E550 (silver), Toyota Avalon (dark ash), Mercedez CLK 550 (ash), Cayenna Porche (black), Toyota Camry 2009 (sky blue), Jeep SRT Chirokee (silver), BMW GT550 (white) and BMW R8 2 Series (black).

Others on the list are Hyundai Velager (red), Camry 2013/14(white), Mercedez C300 (black), Ford Taurus (golden), Lincoln Niks (dark ash), Equus 2013 (dark ash), Toyota Sequoia (black), Audi A7 3.OT (black), Toyota Prado (black), another Mercedez C550 (black), KIA 900 (black), Avalon 2014(dark ash), Fiat 500 (silver), Acura RNX 2013, Lexus 15 3500, another Ford Taurus (Maroon), Caridac XT54 (red), Fiat; Turbo; Ford Excursion; Honda V6 Tourine, Audi Q 736, Ford BW, Lexus LS430 and Infinity QX705.

They also include Maserati, Ford Super Duty, Toyota RAV4, Ford 4X4 Super Duty, Land Rover VIE 1155, Land Rover VIE 1265, Ford Taurus Limited, Ford SHD, Audi 55, Roya Turbo and 20 other luxury cars.

The seized houses are located at 34 Euphrate Street, Wuse II, Abuja; 5 Siraso Crescent, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja; 27 Cairo Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja; and 22 Igbani Street, Jabi, Abuja.

The quarry, said to have been seized from the civil servant, was said to be located in Kuje.

Of the eight “containers” also allegedly seized from him, one was said to be empty, while the rest were said to have contained items like mattresses, cables, Honda Bike 4 Wheel, among others.

The Obono-Obla-led panel had alleged that Tumsah, from whom the multi-million naira assets were seized, was merely on a monthly salary of less than N500,000, yet acquired all the assets between 2016 and 2017.

Muhammed Kabiru, a police officer and a prosecutor seconded to the panel, informed the court in a supporting affidavit filed along with the ex parte motion, that the panel, earlier in the year, received a petition against Tumsah, who was accused of “official corruption and abuse of office.”

According to the panel’s investigators, Tumsah acquired the seized assets in the name of two of his companies registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission –Integrated Service Insurance Limited and Integrated Bureau De-Change Limited.

It was alleged that Tumsah used his brother, Tijjani Tumsah, as front, to act as the Chairman and Managing Director of the companies.

Both Tumsah and his brother were joined as respondents to the application marked M/873/17.

Alleging that the seized assets were proceeds of crime, the panel said both Tumsah and his brother, when invited for interrogation, could not explain or justify their sources of wealth and how they acquired the assets.

The investigator also alleged that both of them could not remember the number of bank accounts they were operating on behalf of their two companies.

He stated, “That the items listed above in our schedule were acquired in 2016 and 2017.

“The second defendant (Tumsah’s brother) is not into any business, and neither a retired civil servant in any office.

“That our investigation into this matter, when the respondents (Tumsah and his brother) visited our office, could not explain, and remember the number of their bank accounts which they are operating under the name of their two companies.

“That our investigation reveals that the first respondent, who is a civil servant and a director in the federal ministry, uses his office to acquire those vehicles, the houses, landed properties, those containers and the rest of those items listed in our schedule.

“That the first respondent and the second respondent could not explain or justify the sources of their wealth regarding how they came about those items in our schedule above.

“That our investigation reveals that those items in the schedule are proceeds of crimes, abuse of office and official corruption against the first respondent, Ibrahim Musa Tumsah.

“That those items in our schedule are exhibits which can be used against the respondents in their criminal prosecution in the court of law.

“That those vehicles from numbers 1 to 86 in our schedule are expensive in market value.

“That we need an interim order of this honourable court to keep those vehicles, the houses, containers and other items in their preserved position (the status quo) pending the completion of our investigation and to charge the respondents to the court of law.

“That our intelligence report shows that the respondents are trying to sell those houses, and some of the containers listed in the schedule.

“That our intelligence report also reveals that the respondents are trying to remove some of those vehicles in order to destroy our possible exhibits.

“That the respondents, some few days ago, came to the premises and threatened to sell some of those vehicles without our knowledge and consent.

“That hereby attached is the investigation report in this matter as our Exhibit SPP 1.

“That also attached is the list of those vehicles, the containers and Honda Bike 4 Wheel as Exhibit SPP2.

“That our investigation is still ongoing and is yet to be completed.”

2019: APC’s Gov. Tambuwal Linked With PDP Presidential Race Meets Wike, Ibori, Okowa In Delta

Sokoto State Governor Aminu Tambuwal yesterday met with Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike and former Delta State Governor James Ibori at Asaba, the Delta State capital.
The governors retired to the Delta State Government House after attending a showcase of Delta’s Youths Empowerment Programme.
Tambuwal, elected on the ticket of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is the immediate past Speaker of the House of Representatives, on the ticket of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
He defected to the APC at the last minute in 2015 to pick the ticket to run for governor. He won and succeeded Aliyu Wamako, who is now a senator.
Tambuwal has been speculated as one of those the PDP is prospecting as a possible presidential candidate in the 2019 election. He has not reacted to the speculations which gained more ground after last weekend’s PDP convention.
There was excitement as Okowa and Ibori rode into the venue.
The large crowd mostly PDP faithful broke into a chorus as they arrived for the products exhibition and business fair to showcase the Okowa administration’s youth empowerment programme. Many government functionaries also turned up.
The Okowa administration’s youth empowerment programme centres on its Skills Training &Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP) and the Youth Agricultural Entrepreneurs Programme (YAGEP).
The twin-scheme has trained 2,324 unemployed youths and established them in their choice enterprises.
Ibori recalled with nostalgia the day he transferred power on May 29 2007 Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.
He said: “I come into this arena Asaba Arcade with a great sense of nostalgia. I remember that it was at this venue on the 29th of May 2007 that I transferred power to Dr Eweta Uduaghan.  Since that time, this is my first outing here and I am indeed very pleased that you have invited me to be with my people. Thank you very much for this opportunity”.
He praised Okowa for empowering the unemployed youths in the State, while endorsing the incumbent Gov. Okowa for a second term in office
He said, “The day the people of Delta made that choice to make you their governor, they did it knowing full well that you will deliver and thank God you are delivering. Let me place on record my gratitude to you for remembering our unemployed youths, because at the end of the day when you and I are gone, they will be the ones to take over.
”I might be watching from the sidelines, but today I want to make it abundantly clear again that you are doing very well .May God continue to guide you, give you peace and sharpen your vision so that at the end of your tenure in eight years  so that Delta will be the best for it,”
Tambuwal arrived after the ceremony. He only joined to see the exhibition while Wike was part of the event.
At the end of the ceremony Tambuwal left for the Government House with Okowa and Ibori
Source: The Nation

‘Mother of all defections’: Alao-Akala, Folarin, Adigun, Arapaja, others officially dumps PDP for APC in Oyo


THE All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated its preparedness to bury activities of opposition parties in the current political dispensation.

This was as it concluded arrangements to welcome former governor of the state, Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala; former Senate leader, Senator Teslim Folarin and former Secretary to the State Government, Chief Ayodele Adigun, to its fold on Saturday.

Others expected to join the party were Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja, Honourable Segun Odebunmi, Mr Rauf Olaniyan, Honourable Ayoola Makanjuola, Alhaji Rasaq Gbadegesin, alongisde their supporters, at a ceremony tagged “mother of all defections in the politics of Oyo State.”

This was made known through a statement issued in Ibadan on Wednesday by the state publicity secretary of the party, Olawale Sadare and made available to newsmen.

Sadare said some of the “political bigwigs” who had joined its fold since last year and a whole lot of others just coming in would be unveiled during a rally at Mapo Hall, Ibadan, on Saturday.

He added that with the calibre of those expected to join the party, it could be concluded that the battle over who takes over from Governor Abiola Ajimobi, would be fought and won only within APC.


Sad Tales :I Went To Libya With Two Legs, Came Back An Amputee – Endurance Omeyo

Endurance Omeyo, one of the returnees from Libya brought back to the country on Tuesday has lamented that though he embarked on the journey with his two legs intact, unfortunately, came back with one of his legs amputated.

Omeyo from Uromi in Edo State said he went to Libya in 2016,

He was among 245 more Nigerians who voluntarily returned from the volatile North African country on Tuesday.

He said:” I come from a very poor home. I lost my father about 12 years ago and only my mother was left to be facing the stress.

“That is why I went to Libya to cross the sea and go to Italy, but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it as we were arrested while on the sea.

“We were 160 people on that boat but 110 died and only 50 of us survived. They now took us back to prison in Libya. ”

According to him, he spent over a month in captivity before a friend from Italy sent him N250, 000 which he used to buy his freedom from his captors.

The 28-year-old said a few weeks after, he was shot while in the company of two friends which led to the amputation of his leg.

“I spent months in the hospital, until my mother went to borrow N400, 000 which was used to perform three surgeries on me and that is why I am alive today, ” he said.

While receiving the returnees, Alhaji Mustapha Maihajja, Director General, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) commended Nigerians who voluntarily returned from Libya for their courage to face a fresh start in the country.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Maihajja who was represented by Southwest Zonal Coordinator of the agency, Alhaji Suleiman Yakubu, noted that some others were still stuck in Libya for lack of courage to face a new beginning in Nigeria.

He said many of them had refused to return due to shame and fear of meeting their mates at home who might have succeeded in their endeavors.

” It takes courage for you to return home. Nigeria is changing fast.

“The Federal government is making everything possible to ensure that every Nigerian will be proud of being a Nigerian.

” All the government is expecting from you is to have faith in God and your leaders and discharge your civic responsibilities,” he said.

The returnees arrived at the Cargo Wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos aboard an Afriqiyah Airbus 330-300 aircraft with Registration Number 5A-ONR at about 8:25 pm.

They were assisted back to Nigeria by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the European Union (EU) after expressing interest to leave Libya where they had been stranded en route Europe.

They comprised 66 adult females, 74 adult males, four children and six infants.

The returnees were also received by officials of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) , the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN).

Another batch of Nigerians was being expected from Libya, as their aircraft was said to be on the way from Tripoli.

Nigerian woman, Omarosa Manigault quits $180,000 White House Job

Omarosa Manigault, a Nigerian who is director of communications for the White House’s office of public liaison, has resigned.

According to sources, Manigault who earns $180,000 per annum will leave the White House on January 20, 2017, exactly one year after President Donald Trump took office.

It is not immediately clear why Omarosa resigned but the 43-year-old, who recently married John Newman, a Florida-based pastor, has been struggling to keep her job and family.

A source said Omarosa’s departure is connected to the “internal war” within Trump cabinet.

Her decision raises the expectation of round of departures from the White House going into the New Year.

The White House has said that deputy national security adviser Dina Powell will leave her position early next year.

At least 14 people have left Trump’s government.

Omarosa was the director of African-American outreach in Trump’s campaign.

Amechi inspects on-going standard gauge railway in Papalanto, Ogun State, says it will be completed in 2018.

The Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi has inspected the standard gauge rail way in Papalanto, Ewekoro Local government area of Ogun State.

The Minister said that the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail line would be completed in December 2018 and set for commissioning in Jan 2019.

He said this during the end of the year media briefing and inspection of Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail line in Papalanto, Ogun state.

The minister declared that he was impressed with the level of ongoing construction work, stating that the contractors were facing some challenges slowing the pace of work.

Amaechi said he and the Governor of Lagos State had agreed that  Jibowu and Costain bridges in Lagos would be demolished during the process, adding that the ministry had gotten the right of way.

“There is no way you can do construction without challenges in different forms and kinds and you have to address them.

“The challenges are not even here in Ogun, they are worse in Lagos. We are dealing with water, drainage, gas, power and the military.

“The only thing we are dealing with here is just gas and a few power transmission lines and we can manage it.

“I was on a tour with the Governor of Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode, and we have agreed that the two bridges will come down, our target is 2018 December.” The minister said.

The minister also said that two locomotives and 10 coaches had arrived the country which the President will commission this December.

In Ogun, FMC buys N2.6bn lands for proposed University of Medicine in Abeokuta

The Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Abeokuta, Prof. Adewale Musa-Olomu said the hospital has acquired 170 hectares of lands for the construction of University of Medicine and School of Preliminary Studies.

Prof. Adewale Musa-Olomu announced this at a news conference on Wednesday in Abeokuta to mark his 100 days in office.

He said that the lands worth N2.6 billion was donated by the state government, and located in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of the state.

“We all know that Federal Medical Centres are established where there are no teaching hospitals.

“There is no way you can get a teaching hospital without having a university where theoretical aspects of medical training will be taught.

“So, in our efforts to ensure FMC, Abeokuta, is upgraded to a teaching hospital, we have acquired 170 hectares of land, courtesy of Ogun State Government, where we will build our medical university and school of preliminary studies.

“Past medical directors of the centre have tried to achieve this upgrade with the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB), but the specialisation of the university could not allow it to work,” the Medical Director said.

Musa – Olomu said that with acquisition of the land and the willingness of local and international agencies to support the establishment of the medical university, work will soon commence on the project.

SARS Officers Robbed Me Today Along Benin Expressway — Imo State Commissioner, Tony Ajaelu

The Honourable Commissioner for Sports, Youth and Public Safety in Imo State, Chief Tony Rodney Ajaelu took to social media to narrate his ordeal in the hands of SARS operatives.

Chief Tony Rodney Ajaelu, via Facebook, stated that he was robbed and harrased despite the fact that he identified himself and all his valuables taken away.

He wrote;

Good a thing that the IG of police has said he was going to reorganize the SARS dept of the police after series of Innocent citizens who went through hell in the hands of these SARS officers started shouting out. TODAY I and my sports colleague travelling to Lagos for AG meeting of the Nigeria Cricket Federation was robbed by these so called SARS officers along Asaba to Benin expressway.

The CP of Edo should look into this matter and find this group of police officers who continue to disgrace the police force. For 2hrs we were held hostage with handcuffs not minding that I identified myself as a Commissioner in Imo State. Every money found on us and in our bags were taken, my wrist watch was taken, my pepper spray was taken, other valuables were taken too.

So many times during this ordeal guns were corked and we were told that they will shoot us dead and nothing will happen. Our Phones were taken away from us, so that we can’t make any call, the place was so lonely and they forced us to park where their hidden car was parked. A brown Camry written police by the two sides of it. From that point were we are, you will not see a passing car approach till it vooms past. You will imagine when they eventually told us to go and I reminded the one they were calling commander that we had no other money with us, the six of them started debating how much should be given to us, after about 10minutes one brought 3,500 out of over 40,000 they took.

As we were still with the one who brought the money, another officer came with an extra 1,500 and added. We were now been forced to drive off. Even when we noticed that oil was dropping from our car and wanted to check. They refused and told us to go to somewhere else and do the repairs. If at my level and status, I got such treatment, I wonder what our innocent citizens are seeing out there. IG Sir, pls some of these bad eggs should be carefully removed from the Police force to bring sanity. Nigeria must be better.


JUST IN: Soldiers, policemen clash in Ondo

•File photo of soldiers, policemen clash courtesy of PM News.

Some soldiers and police officers yesterday had a confrontation in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The incident reportedly occurred at Ilesa Motor Park in the capital city.

The timely intervention of leaders of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) at the motor park led to an early resolution of their differences, which some residents said could have resulted in a serious bloodshed.

Drivers and passers-by converged on the area while the two groups exchanged altercations.

Sources said the confrontation followed the insistence of some soldiers to prevent police officers from arresting some suspects in the area.

Although the offence of the “suspects” could not be established last night, it was gathered the offence was not serious enough to warrant an arrest. (The Nation)

-News Express

Photos: Policeman Shot Commercial Bus Driver Dead Over N50 Bribe In Ekiti

In another suspected case of police brutality and extra judicial killing, a commericial bus driver was allegedly shut dead in Oye Ekiti, Ekiti state because he refused to give N50 bribe to some police officers.

 According to reports, the Commercial bus driver who was coming into the state from Kwara state with some passengers, came across some police men at the roadblock they mounted at Ayegbaju-Ifaki road.

One of the police officers demanded for N50 but the man refused giving them. He then started to drive his car.

The police man and his colleagues trailed the car until they caught up with him and fired some shots, one of which hit the driver. He died instantly. The car somersaulted a few times, causing most of the passengers to sustain various degrees of injuries.

See graphic photos of the deceased below..


Young Slay Queen Contemplates Suicide After Boyfriend Who She Sponsors Cheated with Her Best Friend

The lady telling the story
Here’s how the lady shared her story on social media;
“There’s this certain guy out here,that i have been steadily sending money to, an ingrate and a broke boy at that. This guy is always having a mood swing or depression and I am always there to supply money to him on demand due to his various excuses. Sometimes, twice weekly depending on how much I have on me. It wasn’t too long, he started being over demanding cause well,who doesn’t want that good life if the girlie is capable?
I couldn’t keep up and told a brother that things are hard and he should manage till I could raise the money he asked me for. How dare i suggest such a thing, after feeding and enabling the poor guy for months on his very luxurious lifestyle? Even though he knows how things are rough with me at the moment.
Now,fast forward to a few days later, my friend started sleeping out more. I got suspicious since she just broke up weeks again with her boyfriend Rowland. So when she dropped her phone, I had to go through her gallery to check who the new catch is. I wish I never did that, because what I say was enough to kill me! My man’s photo was all over her gallery. She even edited and wrote “together forever” on some of the pictures they took together.
Pictures she never posted on a social media. I was forced to read their conversation. Cheers to my broken heart. They were dating and it all started when nigga wasn’t paid his allowance and things were beginning to choke him, and he makes a break for it by dating my very best friend Jo

Like it wasn’t already hard for me, i found out that they’ve been having constant sex all those night jo didn’t sleep at home,those times I was not at home, and the money i couldn’t supply on demand the last time,was being supplied by my friend who is supposed to look out for me. She gave me the 150k and more. She comes from a wealth home. Her father Okima is an oil and gas magnet.
This guy wasn’t out to date me ,he was out to fall in love with my money and be a sexual predator. My heart is shattered and is in a million pieces right now.
I don’t know what to do again and i am contemplating suicide, but before I do I just want to warn other girls to steer clear off that demon called David Daniels with this post. He so heartless, rude and mean.
I told this guy everything about my life,the numerous heartbreaks I had, and the scandals I’ve been involved in and he said he didn’t care what people say about me, he wanted me and he loved me for me.
I didn’t know it was the money he came for and only used love as a cover up. Like he called it “staged love”.
Imagine confronting him and he had the nerve to tell me that, he never loved me or my numerous friends he slept with, but only used me for my money and is doing the same thing to my best friend and ten other girls in my clique excluding other girls in Calabar. I am so pained right now. I haven’t been able to sleep. I have never gone a day with talking to me. He was my world.
I literally did everything for this guy who claimed to come from a very poor background and this is how he repays me
He is not from a poor home. His father who is a clergyman is a wealthy. That house they live is just a cover up for all the money and landed properties they have. Oh! I wish I knew all this earlier.
I feel so used and weak right now. Why always me? Men have treated me so poorly in the past and to have it done to me again is heart shattering. David Daniels why? What did I ever do to deserve this?
No! I won’t die, I will live and learn from this. I won’t listen to my mind.
Ladies please beware of him, he has a sweet tongue and the heart of a viper. David Daniels it shall never be well with you and wherever you go!
I am so sad right now! My God will judge you David Daniels.”
Meanwhile, the accused boyfriend, David Daniels who reacted to the accusation of cheating with the daughter of an oil magnate wrote;
“I am just laughing at you like I never knew you can be stupid and senile for whatever publicity stunt you intended to pull. Now I am supposed to weep with you or something? Don’t tag me to your nonsense. People meet, people fall out just let me be.
Trouble is looming round the corner. Ain’t you surprise you’re not committing suicide like you threatened? I asked for a 150 K cause I know you can’t afford it unless you were going to steal. Now here is the real publicity stunt, who cries last now huh? You don’t rush into weaker decisions and put up a post to humiliate people. Am not even remorseful.
And oh, if you don’t make available evidence of the transactions by nightfall, you just played yourself. I heard love is blind, alpha can you see me here? You see, you always claimed to be the alpha female. I didn’t know it entails weaker decisions. Don’t post your revile on my timeline, am not interested in your call for help on the internet. So I can’t write about Jo because I owe you two cent?
I can’t post that am single cause am supposed to be damaged that we broke up? Girlie, it was a long time ago. Just let me be. Morality doesn’t stem from being a believer. I see your being a Christian doesn’t even teach you forgiveness! I begged you last night to bring down your stupid post and you thought I’ll be at the receiving end, I have untaged myself,i didn’t kill nobody. Just made existence off your wisdom nonexistence. Only dogs lick their wounds in public.
What else you gonna do next? Oh, you’re surprised people are attacking you and not me? It’s always been like that. Whenever a nude or sex tape leaks, the society knows and blame the girl, they don’t even remember the guy’s face. Oh, sorry evidence of transactions or this never happened! Look how you played yourself.”
In a swift reaction, Etta who also debunked Daniel’s counter-claim in a new post, wrote;
“David Daniels how more shameless can you be? You don’t even feel ashamed? You even went to the bank to withdraw my sweat and come here to post so more people can laugh at me? I admit that I am a fool but you didn’t have to rub it off in my face. God punish you wherever you go.
It shall never be well with you. Oh love, look what you made me do.”

Youth Group canvasses for Atiku-Okonjo-Iweala ticket ahead of 2019 presidential election

A group known as Youths for Better Nigeria (YBN) has called on former vice president, Atiku Abubakar, to vie for the presidency in 2019 alongside a former minister of finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, as his running mate.

Addressing newsmen in Abuja on Tuesday, December 12, the leader of the group, Ikemba Oscar Ugo, said the presidency being the most important office in the land should be occupied by the best brains with uprightness.

He said the group had identified these qualities in Atiku who, according to them, had over the years remained the bastion of democracy by singularly truncating the third term scheme of an erstwhile president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

“It is only Atiku Abubakar who as a vice president; was an ambassador of conflict resolution that was capable of bringing us back together to live in peace and harmony,” Ugo said.

He stated that the process of choosing Atiku Abubakar as the preferred presidential candidate to run with Dr. Okonjo-Iweala was very detailed and rigorous by his group.

Though it is likely he seeks the PDP’s presidential ticket, Atiku is yet to formally declare his intention to run for the highest office in the land.

Okonjo-Iweala on the hand, has since focused on international development work since after she served in the Goodluck Jonathan administration till 2015. 


Wife makes posters of husband’s side chic, shares it in Enugu

The Poster which came with caption ‘Home Breaker and Marriage Destroyer’, also came with the ladies phone number. According to the social media user who shared the photo, he saw it while on his way to Enugu from Nsukka. Here’s the photo below;

It’s a lie, I am not replacing Osinbajo, Says Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says he is not planning to replace Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Tinubu said this in response to a report that he may be picked as the running mate of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Buhari and Tinubu fell out shortly after the 2015 election but both men have been holding frequent meetings of late.

Tinubu was in the president’s delegation to the AU-EU summit in Cote d’Ivoire. During a meeting with Nigerians resident in that country, Buhari said the APC national leader gave him a “beautiful piece of information”.

Denying eyeing the job of Osinbajo, whom he nominated, Tinubu said: “the people of the south-west have absolute confidence and are exceedingly proud of the excellent job Professor Osinbajo is doing as Vice President of Nigeria”.

“The attention of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu Media Office has been drawn to the front page lead story of The SUN newspaper of yesterday, December 13, 2017, which sensationally and ridiculously reported that President Muhammadu Buhari may pick Asiwaju Tinubu as his running mate for the 2019 election. This is a classic case of utterly and irredeemably fake news,” read a statement which Tunde Rahman, Tinubu’s spokesman, issued on his behalf.

“There is no empirical or logical basis for this mischievously speculative story. Is it even conceivable, as the story recklessly insinuates, that Vice President Yemi Osinbajo would be considering returning to full church work rather than run with his boss, President Buhari for a second term if the latter so decides without as much as discussing such a sensitive issue with his party and with Asiwaju Tinubu? In any case, is this story not entirely unwarranted and indefensible as the Buhari/Osinbajo ticket has an electoral mandate of four years out of which it has spent only over two years and a half years?

Tinubu described the report as an attempt to distract the current administration from its “yeoman’s job” and instigate crisis in the APC.

“This is clearly an attempt to distract the APC federal government from the yeoman’s job it has been doing in rescuing the country from the deep-rooted socio-economic, political, security and moral mess inherited from the PDP’s 16 years misrule of Nigeria, instigate crisis within the party, stoke dangerous embers of religious disaffection within the party and the country generally and stem the remarkable progress being made in the reinvention and revitalization of Nigeria,” the statement read.

“There is greater sanity, accountability and transparency in the management of the country’s finances. The Boko Haram insurgency has been substantially contained. We should not allow ourselves to be derailed from the job we are effectively undertaking in fulfilling our campaign promises anchored on the tripod of containing insecurity, taming the scourge of corruption and resuscitating the economy.

“The Buhari and Osinbajo-led Federal Government is deftly steering the country out of an economic recession that was the result of the ineptness of the PDP years of the locusts. Asiwaju Tinubu will never support any attempt to distract Buhari and Osinbajo from the job they are passionately doing through the kind of false report. In particular, this story does great injustice to Vice President Osinbajo. Here is a man of the highest integrity, moral rectitude, amazing humility, high intellect and unimpeachable credibility. Here is a man of fierce loyalty and absolute trustworthiness who will never do anything in word, thought or deed to undermine his boss. His unquestionable dependability and indisputable fidelity to his oath of office was demonstrated beyond question by his honourable conduct during the President’s medical vacation.”

-The Cable

Politicians are the real thieves, catch and beat them – 9ice

Nigerian veteran singer 9ice in a recent interview with Broadway TV, has shared his thoughts about Nigerian politicians.

When asked if he supports those who are into cyber crimes, the singer who contested for a seat in the House Of Representatives in the 2015 general elections, attacked Nigerian Politicians, calling them the real thieves.

In his opinion, they are supposed to be caught and beaten.

Watch video below…



Woman Strips Her Neighbour During Public Fight In Front Of Their Family (PHOTOS)

This is very shameful…talking about the increasing spate of how female tenants fight themselves without order in public. A video footage which is currently trending online shows two women fighting themselves publicly in front of their families in their compound.

Rather than separate the fight, the other tenants including the men – left the woman to their fate as one stripped the other off her clothes right in the presence of their children and other family members.

After minutes of watching in satisfaction, the neighbors decided to stop the half-unclad women from “killing” each other when the fight got brutal.

15-year-old Groundnut Seller Took Her Torn Skirt To 58-Year-old Nigerian Tailor For Amendment: WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU!

A 58-year-old tailor, Kalu Mba, was on Friday charged before a Yaba Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos for allegedly raping a 15-year-old groundnut hawker and in the process, got her impregnated.

Mba, who resides at Makoko Area of Lagos, is facing a charge of defilement.

The prosecutor, Asp. Ibijoke Akinpelu told the court that the accused committed the offence sometime in July at No 11 Makoko Road, Yaba, Lagos.

Akinpelu said the accused had on several occasions bought groundnuts from the girl and also told her to always bring her torn dresses for amendment.

“She eventually took her torn skirt to the accused for amendment and he had carnal knowledge of her without her consent.

“When she found out she was pregnant, she had no choice but to tell her mother what happened.

“The case was reported to the police and the accused was immediately arrested,” she said.

The prosecutor said that the offence contravened Section 137 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015 (Revised).

Section 137 prescribes life imprisonment for offenders.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

In her ruling, the Magistrate, Mrs O.G Oghre, granted the accused bail in the sum of N500, 000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case until Jan. 29, 2018 for mention.

Man Locks Up Neighbour’s 2-year-old And 4-year-old Daughters, Rapes Them In Turn In Lagos

A 31-year-old man, Abayomi Oyedeji, was on Tuesday arraigned in a Surulere Chief Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, for allegedly detaining and defiling two sisters, aged two and four.

Oyedeji, who resides at No.61, Oduselu St., Itire, Lagos, was arraigned on four counts that bothered on unlawful detention and defilement of children.

‎The prosecutor, Sgt. Anthonia Osayande, told the court that ‎ the accused committed the offence at No. 61, Oduselu St., Itire, Lagos, at about 3am on Nov. 13 and Nov.14.

‎Osayande said that the accused resided at the same address with the parents of the girls.

She said that the girls’ mother was ill and there was need to rush her to the hospital while the girls were alone in the house.

“The accused, who was a neighbour to the complainant, then unlawfully detained both of them with the intent to have sexual intercourse with them.

She said the accused unlawfully had carnal knowledge of the girls by defiling the four-year-old girl on Nov.13, but was caught when he tried to defile the younger one the following day.

‎The prosecutor said the offence contravened Sections 137 and 144 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

‎The accused however pleaded not guilty to the charges.‎

‎The Senior Chief Magistrate, Mrs Ipaye Nwachukwu, granted the accused bail in the sum of N200, 000 with two sureties in like sum.‎

Nwachukwu said one of the sureties must be a civil servant on not less than salary grade level 14, while the other must be resident in his own building.

She said the sureties should provide evidence of tax payments and that their addresses must be verified.‎

‎She adjourned the case until Jan. 25, 2018, pending the advice from the Department of Public Prosecutions.


Lagos seals Chisco, Ifex, GUO, Peace other transporters’ offices

Lagos State Government on Tuesday sealed off the premises of Chisco Transport, Ifex Express Limited, GUO Transport, and other major commercial transport operators in Jibowu area of Yaba, Lagos.

Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Olufemi Salami, acting on the approval of the Acting Commissioner for Transportation, Anofiu Elegushi, said the move has become imperative in view of the need to enforce the state government’s relocation plan for all inter-state buses to be moved from Jibowu to Ojota.

Other transport companies sealed off included God Is Good Motors (GIGM) and Peace Mass Transport, were ordered to immediately stop operation of cargo services around Jibowu.

Salami recalled that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, had earlier this year asked all transporters operating around the Jibowu and the stretch of Ikorodu Road, to relocate their operations to Ojota, where the government had provided a land to accommodate them, now known as ‘Ojota Luxury Bus Station’.

According to him, the Ojota luxury bus station was being made ready by a concessionaire with whom government had entered into an agreement to build it, with modern facilities, provided, adding that all that the transporters were required to do was to comply with the government’s directive to relocate to the new station.

The Permanent Secretary added that the transporters would be expected to pay the concessionaire, to use the new bus station, but that the amount to be paid would be negotiated.

-Daily Post

I Entered and She Swallowed Me – Man Shares Disappointing Wedding Night Experience with ‘Virgin’ Wife

A man who married a virgin and got the shock of his life when he wanted to make love to her on their wedding night, has shared his story. 

A newly-married young man who is on the verge of divorcing his wife, has taken to a popular online platform, Break_or_Makeup, to share the story of how he married a virgin, but got the shock of his life when he wanted to make love to his wife on their wedding night.
Here’s how he narrated the story;
I got married last month to a Virgin girl but I regret it with my life, guys please never you marry a virgin.
After the wedding party, I was very excited that I will open my fresh flower, so I took my time, I even had to bath her myself . I started noticing that her bobi was sagged, like sagged but I ignored her felt that it could be natural.
As I was bathing her she was already making s*x sound, virgin making s*x sound. I kept quite, I continued , down to her private part, just to make easy penetration I decided to finger her a little since she was all wet with the water and bath soap, with my small small candles and music.
I put in one finger and it swallowed my whole hand, this girl was very wide like back yard, she has already opened her legs wide and I saw some black black things on her private part. I was getting irritated but I just kept deceiving myself until we got to bed.
This girl was as wide as well, I was just managing until she got to orgasm and polluted 3 times. I don’t need advise, I will surely divorce her, I am just advising men never to marry virgins. I regret dumping my ex, she was a good woman just for fresh virgin.

Police Cop Who Arrested Evans, Apprehends Another Kidnapper, ‘Mopol’ Who Collects Ransom in…

A new 5-man gang kidnap syndicate led by a notorious kidnapper a.k.a Mopol who collects his ransom in US Dollars, have been apprehended by Nigeria’s super cop, Abba Kyari, who led the arrest of Evans few months ago. 

Police operatives from Abuja comprising the Abba Kyari led Intelligence Response Team (IRT) and the Technical Intelligence Unit (TIU) have smashed a new kidnapping syndicate responsible for several abductions, who demand for and collect ransoms in US dollar equivalent.
Five (5) notorious kidnapping members of the gang were arrested by the operatives in Aba, Abia State while several AK 47 rifle ammunition and operational vehicles were recovered.
In some of the abductions carried out by the kidnap gang, victims and their families in the South East were made to pay sums ranging from N250, 000, N1million and N5.5million in US dollars equivalent.
The arrest of the notorious kidnapping hoodlums in Aba, was confirmed in a statement entitled, “Arrest of 5 Notorious Kidnapping Terrorizing Aba, Abia State and Recovery of AK 47 Rifle/Operational Vehicles.”
It reads, “Sequel to the kidnap of one Chief Felix Ogbonna, 80yrs old, on Sunday 26th November 2017 and his Subsequent release after Ransom was Paid, with technical support from TIU, Operatives of IGP Intelligence Response Team IRT deployed By IGP Ibrahim Idris swung into action and eventually arrested of 5 gang members of the New kidnap syndicate.
“The kidnappers confessed to have started their Kidnapping operations this November 2017 and have been involved in three (3) kidnappings in Aba, Abia state collecting ransoms of 250k, 1million and 5.5million naira equivalent in dollars respectively.
“The suspects confessed to random kidnapping based on the nature of the vehicle being driven by their targets.
“Suspect’s names and confessed roles played are as follows: Samuel Chikaodi James AKA Chiboy 29 year old, the second in command.
“He is also the driver of the operational vehicle used in the kidnappings, the negotiator of ransoms and does the pick-ups. So far he has received 3 million.
“Justice Iriah AKA Mopol 23 from Edo state. While armed, he snatches and secures the hostages in the vehicle up to the kidnap den. He has so far received the sum of 300, 000.
“Ikechukwu Igwebuike AKA Anambra, aged 22 years. While armed, he snatches and secures the hostages in the vehicle up to the kidnap den. So far he has received 300, 000.
“Chikachi Ubani aged 30 years. He is in charge of the stronghold and detention Camp where hostages were kept.
“Chineye Mark aged 45 years, is a panel beater. He hides their operation vehicle in his workshop. So far he has received 150, 000.”
The Police listed exhibits recovered from the gang to include AK47 Rifle, magazine/ammunitions, the operational vehicle – one Lexus 300 jeep, and a Toyota Sienna Bus.
The statement added that effort is ongoing to arrest the 2 gang members at large and recover of more arms.

The Muslim Leaders Has Rejected Trump’s Decision On Jerusalem Becoming Capital

Muslim leaders reject Trump’s decision on Jerusalem
The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has rejected the United States’ decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the group’s secretary general announced

Yousef al-Othaimeen, speaking on Wednesday at the opening of an OIC summit in Istanbul, urged Muslim leaders to work together to present a united response to the move.

“The OIC rejects and condemns the American decision,” he said. “This is a violation of international law … and this is a provocation of the feelings of Muslims within the world … it will create a situation of instability in the region and in the world.”

Speaking before al-Othaimeen, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said the US had “disqualified” itself from future Israel-Palestine peace talks after proving its “bias in favour of Israel”

Founded in 1969, the 57-member OIC bills itself as “the collective voice of the Muslim world”.

President Donald Trump announced on December 6 that the US formally recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will begin the process of moving its embassy to the city, breaking with decades of US policy.

The decision violated international law, according to Abbas.

Tithe: ‘You May Die Before The New Year’ – Pastor Curses Daddy Freeze

The Pastor of a new generation church Nicolas Iagbor has sensationally claimed that Cool FM OAP, Daddy Freeze, who has been at the forefront against tithe payment, may die before the New Year

Pastor Nicholas wrote “The way this guy is going.He may not see next year”


Angry Charly boy Rain heavy Curses On Popular Church Pastors, Others

Area Fada is upset and he is swearing. The entertainer made a collage of other countries’ functioning airlines i.e, South Africa, Ghana and Ethiopia, and placed that of Nigerian Airwaves, which is dead anyway with them.

He then went further to leave a hot curse for Pastors and Politicians who own private jets. What Charly boy wrote and the collage all after the cut. Charly don vex!!!

“What a shame, Nigeria don’t even have a national air carrier yet there are over 100 private jets owned by con men/pastors called men of God and thieves called Leaders/politicians. May the revolution consume the bastards.”

My Wife would always Starve me so i killed her – 50-year-old Husband Confesses

A 50-year-old man from Maigoge Village in Marita local government area of Niger State has confessed to have killed his wife, Auta Tanko because she was starving him of food.

Bamaiyi Tanko said out of anger of being starved after five days without food, he killed his wife with a cutlass while they were arguing.

According to him, “My wife was fond of not giving me food in time and when I complain she will abuse me. She never gave me food each time I demand for it.

“She even asked my 10-year-old daughter to abuse me because I’m asking for food and when I want to correct the girl she will abuse me.”

Tanko was arrested by the police.

Police spokesman, Peter Sunday who confirmed the arrest, said that the suspect used cutlass to kill his wife for failing to give him food, adding that the suspect threw the cutlass with which he used to kill her into a nearby river in his area.

He said the suspect had confessed to the crime and the case has been charged to court.

Tanko advised other men that are quick to anger to control themselves to avoid commuting such gruesome crime out of anger.

“I am sorry, extremely sorry for what happened. It is the act of devil and I pray my in-laws will find a place in their hearts to forgive me. I regretted all my actions,” he said.

BREAKING: 20 Vehicles Burnt As Explosion Rocks Festac Town, Lagos

No fewer than 20 vehicles and four commercial motorcycles were, on Wednesday afternoon, burnt when a tanker laden with petrol fell and spilled its content on the Festac Link Bridge in Awuwo Odofin LGA of Lagos State.

The fire started at noon and raged for about an hour.

Fire fighters arrived at the scene about 30 minutes later but did not have enough water to quench the fire.

A witness, Mr. Olufemi Popoola, told the News Agency of Nigeria that the tanker, coming from Apple Junction and going to FESTAC Town, was ascending the bridge but suddenly rolled back and fell.

The impact of the fall separated the tank from the truck’s body, resulting in an explosion, according to Popoola.

He said some residents and passers-by attacked the fire with buckets of water to no avail.

Popoola , who lives in FESTAC, said the fire from the tanker spilled over to nearby vehicles, forcing their occupants to run, abandoning them.

“The fire then spilled into a car shop on the foot of the bridge, burning some of the cars, while the attendants quickly drove out some.

“Furniture items, bags and boxes displayed for sale on the foot of the bridge were all burnt,’’ he told NAN.

NAN reports that the vehicles burnt included a 2010 Toyota Highlander and a commercial bus.

The fire caused gridlock on the bridge and in the adjoining roads.

A crowd of affected persons and sympathisers gathered at the scene to lament the situation.

One of the owners of the burnt motorcycles, Mr. Akuko Okoli, said he narrowly escaped death.

It was not clear at the time of the report whether any life was lost to the fire.


Shock as PDP Governor Appoints APC Member as Commissioner in Enugu State

A critic of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and member of the All Progressives Congress has been appointed a commissioner in Enugu state. 

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has appointed a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Peter Okonkwo as a Commissioner in Enugu State, The Tribune has reported.
Peter Okonkwo who is the elder brother of Kenneth, a Nollywood actor and critic of Ugwuanyi’s administration was submitted by the governor to the State Assembly on December 7, 2017 for screening and confirmation.
Reacting to the appointment, the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Honourable Edward Ubosi said that the House on Tuesday approved the appointment of Okonkwo as commissioner designate as contained in a message brought before the Assembly.
Peter who was a former governorship aspirant in Alliance for Democracy (AD), said before he was confirmed that he started his political journey in Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) adding that he was currently in APC.
He said that he held PDP in a high esteem adding that PDP was the only party in West Africa that conceded defeat to opposition party.
The commissioner designate said that he would bring humility of service to the state adding that he came to learn and impact his own idea for the development of the state.
He explained that if confirmed that he would maintain and uphold the existing relationship between the executive and the legislature.
A lawmaker, Mathew Ugwueze in his contribution said that the commissioner designate was an experienced politician and that he would inject a new idea that would move the state forward.
The Leader of the Assembly Mr Ikechukwu Ezeugwu moved a motion for the confirmation of the commissioner designate while the deputy leader Mr Onyinye Ugwu seconded the motion.
In the same vein, The Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, Chief Donatus Uzogbado commended Governor Ugwuanyi for the 13th month he paid to all the civil servants in the state.
Subsequently, Paul Nnajiofor congratulated one of their colleagues Honourable Sunday Ude-Okoye, member representing Awgu-North, who emerged as the youth leader in the just concluded PDP National Convention.

Kiss Daniel Breaks Silence, Reveals Real Reason Why He Dumped His Record Label, G-Worldwide Entertainment

Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel has come out to explain the real reason why he took the drastic decision to end his deal with his record label. 

Kiss Daniel who is in a serious legal tussle with his former record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment has revealed through his legal representatives why he took the decision to end his romance with the entertainment outfit.
This comes after a report revealed that Daniel reportedly earned N30,000 as monthly salary even though he was making money for the record label.
In a new twist, the legal representatives of Daniel, L&A Legal Consultants, revealed that the singer terminated his contract according to the terms and agreement of the deal after his request for an audit of the record label’s books was denied.
A statement released by L&A Legal Consultants read in part: “Kiss Daniel did not walk out of his contract. He only terminated it as he is permitted to do under the contract. Is it now a sin for a party to exercise a right expressly conferred on him by law/contract? Is it the fault of Kiss Daniel that the contract has a termination clause that allows Kiss Daniel to terminate the contract?
“We should bear in mind that the contract was drafted by G-Worldwide Entertainment. Kiss Daniel scrupulously followed the provision of the contract. It is unfortunate that people are mixing this case up with that of other artists running away from a contract they signed. No! This is different.
“This is a case of an Artist insisting that the contract signed by the parties must be obeyed and enforced. Kiss Daniel is firm believer in rule of law and due process.
“This was why it was Kiss Daniel that went to court first. People should not confuse a case of properly terminated contract with cases of ill-advised artists who angrily walked out of their contract without following the laid down procedure under their contracts.
“Kiss Daniel’s case is a well thought out act. It is an exercise of right granted to him by the contract between him and his label. What do people want from Nigerian artist? If they don’t employ lawyers, people criticize them.
“The only offence commented by Kiss Daniel was his effrontery/impudence by daring to ask his record label to render account! Kiss Daniel through his lawyer L & A – Legal Consultant appointed a firm of Chartered Accountant to inspect and audit G-Worldwide Entertainments books and account in respect of Kiss Daniel’s project as provided by the contract between the parties. Immediately the request was made, all hell was let loose.
“Unfortunately, when the inspection/audit finally held, Kiss Daniel’s Accountant was denied unrestricted access to the “books/records” in clear breach of the unambiguous provisions of clause 7 of the Contract (as posted above).
Kiss Daniel’s Accountant were surprised that Label did not come to the venue of the inspection/audit with any physical books, receipts, invoices e.t.c. but only brought a mere laptop! And even refused to allow Kiss Daniel’s Accountant to make a copy of the said “books/records” contrary to the contract. It was also discovered that the representative sent by G-worldwide Entertainment Limited and who brought the laptop is not an accountant and did not know anything about the transactions recorded in the laptop. He could not answer any of the questions/queries posted to him by Kiss Daniel’s Accountant.
“Unfortunately, when Kiss Daniel’s lawyer gave G-worldwide Entertainments Limited notice of the breach on 11th and 19th of September 2017, G-worldwide Entertainments Limited failed and refused to cure and remedy the breach within the 14 days allowed by the contract and Kiss Daniel was forced to comply with the contract by terminating it as required by the contract.”

Kogi State Polytechnic HND1 student stabs roommate to death

The Department of Public Administration, Kogi State Polytechnic Lokoja has been thrown into mourning following the death of Akoh Abuh Samuel. an HND student who was allegedly stabbed by his friend suspected to be mentally unstable.

According to DAILY POST, on Wednesday that the suspect, Agba Victor, an HND 1 student from Accounting Department brutally attacked the decease in his room for unknown reason.

The incident happened in Felele, the outskirt of the institution convocation ground.

The late Samuel who according to source was best of friend to the suspect since their National Diploma days was discovered with machete cuts on his forehead and neck.

He died on the way to the Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja.

According to preliminary report, the suspect claimed that he didn’t know what got into him.

Confirming the incident, the Kogi State Polytechnic Public Relation Officer Luke Yakubu told DAILY POST that the suspect on Sunday night started acting funny towards his roommate who is now late.

” When the late roommate and neighbours discovered this strange behaviour coming from Victor, they took him to the Church for prayers.

” They were best of Friends since their National Diploma days and also attend the same fellowship. Later that night, nature caught up with the deceased, and his friend used machete to kill him.

” After he exhibited this act, he told us that he threw the cutlass inside a well. He even came back to the room where the incident occurred without running away.

” The Police is still carrying out their investigation, because he was not mad when he gained admission into our institution. All this so called strange behaviour started on Sunday,” he explained.

The case has been transfered from the B Division of the Nigeria Police Force Lokoja to the State Criminal Investigation Department.

-Daily Post

After Declaring Anti Corruption War As A Do Or Die Affairs EFCC Acting Chairman Magu Escapes Death After Gunmen Invaded His House Killing a Police Sergeant

A police officer has been killed after some unknown gunmen invaded the house of EFCC acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu to assassinate him.

Unknown gunmen on Tuesday night invaded the bungalow farmhouse of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu and killed a policeman, according to The Nation.
The report revealed that the gunmen stormed the farmhouse in Karshi in the Federal Capital Territory at about 10pm and exchanged fire with the policemen on sentry leaving a police Sergeant instantly dead after he was hit by a bullet.
This is the second time that the same the house will be attacked by unknown elements. The last 10 months had been tough for Magu because of his refusal to bow to pressure from some high-profile suspects and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).
Following threats, security was beefed up for Magu and his immediate family leading to the deployment of policemen to the uncompleted bungalow in Karshi.
Some suspected elements had also been prowling the family’s house in the Borno State capital and issuing threats to the woman.
This latest attack came barely 48 hours after Magu said the anti-corruption will be a do-or-die affair.
Speaking on Monday after a walk to mark the anti-corruption Day, Magu said: “For those of us on this side; in the anti-corruption agencies of government, in the media, and civil society, the dagger is drawn and I believe I am speaking the mind of everyone on this side that we intend to neither retreat nor surrender in our noble intention to cure our country of the evils of corruption.
“For us as a country, the fight against corruption is a ‘do or die’ affair; we have to win the battle or die trying.

Fresh: Buhari Next VP Leaks As Osinbajo Is Likely To Retire To Full Ministry At Rccg,


As 2019 draws nearer and political activities are kicking-off ahead of the presidential election, reports have emerged that President Muhammadu Buhari may choose Asiwaju Bola Tinubu as his running mate.

14 months to the next presidential election, there are indications that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) may have President Muhammadu Buhari-Asiwaju Bola Tinubu ticket, as one of its jokers for the 2019 election.
Competent sources close to The Redeemed Church told Daily Sun that Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, may have indicated to the church authorities that he would not be averse to a return to pastoral life.
He is a senior pastor of the church conglomerate.
Although president Buhari is yet to officially declare his bid for re-election, apart from a recent declaration that he may seek Nigerians’ votes again, it was gathered that Osinbajo’s replacement with Tinubu is being mooted as a way to have a solid South West support for the APC, in the face of a South East-South-South alliance in the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Competent sources said the APC and Buhari tendencies in the party, which want another victory in 2019, reasoned that it is important to rally the South West behind the president.
It was gathered that towards this end, the Buhari tendencies recommended that a more popular politician from the South West should pair with the president in 2019.
The name of Tinubu came up as it is believed that he is the only singular South West personality who could effectively mobilise support for Buhari and the APC in the zone.
Those pushing for this said with South South and South East strongly behind PDP, the APC needs the South West to counter-balance the structure in the South. Tinubu’s VP candidacy is believed to guarantee this.
Those in the know revealed that the recent rapprochement between Buhari and Tinubu was geared towards “concretising the arrangement” of having two of them as presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2019.
It was gathered that until recently, the relationship between Buhari and Tinubu was frosty. Afraid that this may jeopardise Buhari’s re-election, the president’s political strategists recommended the wooing of the former Lagos governor.
Sources revealed that the wedding of Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s daughter in Lagos, recently, paved the way for emissaries from the Buhari camp to meet with Tinubu.
After the Lagos meeting, during Saraki’s daughter’s wedding, Tinubu was invited by the Presidency to grace the public presentation of a book on Buhari’s achievements. Thereafter, Tinubu accompanied Buhari on a trip outside the country, where further meetings on 2019 elections were held.
Apparently, after weighing the options, the Buhari-Tinubu ticket came into consideration.
Meanwhile, Tinubu’s camp has denied the existence of any such arrangement.
Although efforts to get Tinubu’s media aide, Mr. Tunde Rahman, to speak on the development proved abortive, a senior member of Tinubu’s camp said: “we dont have anything to say on the matter now,” but added: “let’s talk more on this later in the day.” That was yesterday.
He, however, refused to get back to our reporter as promised. Several calls to his mobile line were not asnwered.
This is not the first time the APC would moot the idea of a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
In the run up to the 2015 election, Tinubu left no one in doubt that he was desirous of running with Buhari. It was gathered that Buhari, at the time, had also conceded to Tinubu before some party chieftains, but, some powerful forces in the party, including Saraki, frustrated the plot.
Saraki would later lend credence to this fact in April 2016, when he tried to explain why Tinubu was after him.
He said: “… I have also been accused of helping frustrate some people’s opportunity to emerge as president Muhammadu Buhari’s running mate. But, I have no problem with anybody. My concern was that it would not be politically smart of us to run with a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
“I doubt if we would have won the election if we had done this, especially after the PDP had successfully framed us as a Muslim party. I felt we were no longer in 1993. Perhaps, more than ever before, Nigerians are more sensitive to issues of religious balancing.
“This, my brother, was my original sin. What they say to themselves, among other things, was that if he could conspire against our ambition, then, he must not realise his own ambition as well. For me, however, I have no regrets about this. I only stood for what I believed was in the best interest of the party and in the best interest of Nigeria.”
Later this year, Tinubu also confirmed what had long been dubbed mere speculation when he revealed that Saraki and the Kaduna State Governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, worked against Buhari’s plan to make him his running mate, in the run-up to the 2015 presidential contest.
Tinubu, in the book “Against the Run of Play,” written by the Chairman, Editorial Board of ThisDay, Olusegun Adeniyi, which was presented to the public this year, said Saraki, El-Rufai and other senior members of the PDP, who joined the APC, in the build-up to the 2015 general elections, were the ones who instigated Buhari and some APC chieftains not to pick him as running mate.
He said: “What they (Saraki and others from the PDP) did behind my back was wrong. We always do things as a group. By the time they joined, we were already too far ahead in our processes, but, we accommodated them.
“We agreed to take their state structures and subsume them into the party and they all had their opportunity to nominate the candidates of their choices for different political offices. But, they went behind to instigate Buhari and some other people in the party against me on the pretext of religion. That was not right.
“They were canvassing arguments that the Christians in the North would not vote for a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Nasir el-Rufai was also selling the same argument within the CPC (the defunct Congress for Progressive Change) because, at that point, he still wanted to have Pastor (Tunde) Bakare brought in as Buhari’s running mate.”
Also, Osinbajo’s men refused to respond to calls and SMS sent to them for comments.
As at the time of going to press, Osinbajo’s spokesperson, Laolu Akande, had yet to respond to the SMS sent to him, including telephone calls.
But, a source close to Osinbajo’s camp said, “you guys are just underrating that man. Don’t underrate Osinbajo; he is capable of being his own man when it matters most.
“Are you aware that that period Buhari was sick, when many thought he won’t return, moves were on to make the VP run in 2019, with a northern candidate? So, how will you now conclude it will be easy to just shove such a man aside?
“Have you also thought of what the reaction from the Christian community would be? All these are things that will come into play, in taking this decision. Till then, let’s leave it at that for now,” the source said.

32 SARS operatives mostly from Lagos arrested, detained in Abuja

A source told TheCable that the arrested officers were moved to Abuja from different state commands during the weekend.

“The suspects, who are all male, are now being held at various detention cells of the Federal SARS at Guzape District Abuja,” the source said.

“Since their arrival in Abuja, their family members and lawyers have not been allowed to see them based on an order from above.”

Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police, who reportedly ordered their arrests, is said to have assembled a team of top police investigators to look into their cases.

TheCable learnt that they are being investigated for cases ranging from extortion, robbery, r*pe, amomg others.

The commands where the suspects were serving have been directed to report to Abuja with proofs and exhibits needed in the course of investigation.

The source said Lagos command has the highest number of suspects, next to the federal capital territory (FCT).

“Their immediate orderly room trial and punitive measures will also become part of the ongoing moves to stem the tide of alleged impunity being campaigned against the police institution,” the source said.

“At a recent meeting with the police management team, the IGP decided to apply prompt punishment for any SARS officer found wanting, here in Abuja instead of their commands where such cases are not properly handled.

Yusuf Kolo, assistant commissioner of police in charge of SARS at the force headquarters, refused to speak on the arrest when contacted by TheCable.

Kolo said his job is “purely operational and investigative in nature”.

However, Jimoh Moshood, force public relations officer, confirmed the arrests but did not disclose the number of operatives in detention.

“I am aware of their investigation but I don’t know the number of people involved,” he told TheCable.

“The nature of the investigation is such that if possible, the persons involved would be arrested.”

There is currently a nationwide campaign to scrap the outfit based on alleged excesses of its personnel.

Buhari is Nigeria’s father of corruption – Fayose

Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose on Wednesday described President Muhammadu Buhari as ‘father of corruption’ over his refusal to petition Minister of Solid Minerals Development, Kayode Fayemi and other corrupt officials in his camp

In a statement issued by by his Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, the governor accused Buhari of leading a government of corrupt people and shielding his cohorts from prosecution.

The statement reads “President Muhammadu Buhari must stop deceiving himself with his fight against corruption, Ibrahim Magu was challenged at a function in Abuja on the commission’s refusal to investigate Fayemi, despite the loads of petitions against him and the EFCC boss could not offer any explanation.

“The reality is that President Buhari is leading a government of scandalously corrupt people and one
of them is Dr Kayode Fayemi.

“It is even safe to say that President Buhari is the father of corruption and that has been further established by the attitude of
the President towards his men that have been accused of corruption.

“From MainaGate to allegation of award of $25 billion contracts without following due process made against Dr. Maikanti Baru by Dr Ibe Kachikwu, the DSS indictment for corruption of the Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu and the alleged N500 million bribery said to have been paid to the Chief of Staff (COS), Abba Kyari by officials of the MTN Telecommunications Company, President Buhari has remained the shield over and above his corrupt men.”

REVEALED: How Buhari Tackled Jibrin Over ‘Budget Padding’ Scandal

A simple question from President Muhammadu Buhari to Abdulmumin Jibrin, former chairman of house committee on appropriation, put paid to his allegation of “budget padding” against Yakubu Dogara, speaker of the house of representatives, a new book has revealed.

Jibrin had alleged that the 2016 budget was padded to the tune of over N284 billion by Dogara and three other principal officers of the house of reps.

The others are Lasun Yusuf (deputy speaker), Leo Ogor (minority leader) and Alhassan Doguwa (whip).

On meeting with Buhari to make his case, Jibrin was asked by the president if it is possible for four officers to pad a budget in a national assembly made up of 469 members — and told him not to raise the issue with him again without providing an answer.

In his biography, ‘A Reed Made Flint’, authored by publisher of Ovation, Dele Momodu, Dogara also detailed the circumstances that led to the falling out with Jibrin, who was subsequently removed as chairman of the appropriation committee and suspended from the house.

The biography is due for public presentation on December 26, 2017, to mark the 5oth birthday of the speaker.


Dogara said: “Although Hon. Jibrin himself had subtly blackmailed Mr President on a Channels TV interview, he still managed to get some elements in the security services to ferry him before Mr. President where he made the allegations of padding against us.

“As a principled and experienced leader that the President is, he sought to know where the other leaders of NASS were when the budget was padded by just four leaders of the house. None of our traducers could answer the question. Since he does not suffer fools gladly, he told them that except they answer the question nobody should bring up the subject matter to him again.

“That was how the lying cowards left him and never returned. They dare not mention anyone in the Senate or the House Leadership when every informed person knew that no position on any aspect of the budget can be taken without the concurrence of the Senate.”

Kidnapper AKA ‘Mopol’ Arrested With His Gang Members (Photo)

Sequel to the kidnap of one Chief Felix Ogbonna ‘m’ 80yrs on 26/11/17 and his Subsequent release after Ransom was Paid; With technical support from TIU, Operatives of IGP Intelligence Response Team IRT deployed By IGP Ibrahim Idris swung into action and Eventually Arrested of 5 gang members of the New kidnap syndicate.

The kidnappers confessed to have started their Kidnapping operations this November 2017 and have been involved in three (3) kidnappings in Aba, Abia state collecting ransoms of 250k, 1million and 5.5million naira equivalent in dollars respectively.

Suspects confessed to Random Kidnapping based on the nature of the vehicle being driven by their targets. Suspects names and Confessed roles played Are as Follows:

1) Samuel Chikaodi James AKA Chiboy ‘m’ 29, the second in command, he is also the driver of the operational vehicle used in kidnaps, the negotiator of ransoms and does the pick ups. Received 3 million.

2) Justice Iriah AKA Mopol ‘m’ 23 of Edo state. While armed, He snatches & secures the hostages in the vehicle upto the kidnap den. Received 300k

3) Ikechukwu Igwebuike AKA Anambra ‘m’ 22. While armed, He snatches & secures the hostages in the vehicle upto the kidnap den. Received 300k

4) Chikachi Ubani ‘m’ 30, he was in charge of the stronghold/Detention Camp where hostages were kept. 5) Chineye Mark ‘m’ 45, a panel beater, hides their operation vehicle in his workshop. Received 150k.

Exhibits recovered include AK47 Rifle, Magazine / Ammunitions, the operational vehicle – one Lexus 300 jeep, and a Toyota Sienna Bus.

Effort is ongoing to arrest the 2 gang members at large and recover more arms.

Nigerian big boy ready to give 5 million and a 3m car to any lady willing to become his baby mama

A Nigerian-based Big Boy has showed off pictures of himself sleeping in bundles of Naira notes on his Social Media, and has said he’s in search of a lady who’d be his baby mama.

Identified on Facebook as Freeman Obg Owoboy he has said he’s ready to give any lady 5 million naira and a car worth 3 million just to be his baby mama..

He didnt’ stop there, he also said if the said “lucky lady” gives birth to a baby girl, she’d inherit his multi-billion paradise.

He wrote on Facebook thus; “I need a baby mama after everything I will pay her 5 million and a car worth 3 million. If you are lucky enough to give birth to a boy, you will inherit my multimillion paradise home.”


Enough of the lies: Obasanjo left $9 bn in ECA not $65bn, group counters Amaechi

The credibility of the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, is once again under scrutiny as checks by the Niger Delta Round Table group indicate that the Minisister may have lied about how much was left behind in the Excess Crude Account by the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
Amaechi had at an enagagement with journalists on Tuesday, accused the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan of squandering the ECA savings.
Amaechi hadsaid: “When Obasanjo was leaving, he left about 65 billion dollars in the excess crude account, but this money was frittered away and we wonder where the money is,”
But the group in a statement signed by Wilson Ejumata accused the minister of distorting facts so they can continue to blame Jonathan for their short comings in government for the past two years.
“It is an horrific sight to see a minister of the federal republic lie brazenly and distort facts just to provide an unsellable excuse for failing to deliver the government’s campaign promises to Nigerians.
“According to Okonjo Iweala who was the then Minister of Finance when Obasanjo left office, Nigeria had only $ 9.43 billion in ECA as opposed to Amaechi’s $65bn claim”, the group said.
The group added that “contrary to Amaechi’s claim that the  balance in the ECA was no where to be found,  Okonjo Iweala had stated that the three tiers of government spent the ECA to shore up the economy and cushion the impact of global financial crisis at its height between 2008 and 2009.”
“It is also on record that Amaechi who is now suffering from Amnesia was one of the governors who spearheaded the sharing of the ECA reserve rather than growing it and went ahead to sue the Federal Government.”
“What did Amaechi do with the Rivers share of the ECA? Where is the money today? Is it not the same Amaechi that a panel.of inquiry found guilty of embezzling billions from Rivers state accounts?”, the group asked.
According to the group, “Amaechi should immediately take his own advice and stop blaming Jonathan for his woes. After all, it is on record that it was the Jonathan administration that built the Sovereign Wealth Fund, to allow the country make savings for future generations of Nigerians and support infrastructure investments.
“What Amaechi should be worried about is the over N12 trillion that this government has spent in over two years with not even a borehole infrastructure to show for it. Yet, he led his failed government to commission a train that was financed and built by the Jonathan administration – a project they swore never existed. Enough of the lies Mr Minister, face governance and leave the amiable leader, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan alone.”

Amaechi says Jonathan wasted $65bn excess crude fund, PDP kicks

The Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, has said he left the Peoples Democratic Party in 2015 due to the gross mismanagement of the country’s resources by the former ruling party.

According to him, the wastage of the country’s resources was so much during the PDP reign that a total of $65bn left in the Excess Crude Account by ex-President Olusegun Obansajo was squandered by his successor, Goodluck Jonathan.

Amaechi said he left the PDP because he was desirous of change and he saw a change agent in the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari.

Amaechi said this in Lagos on the sidelines of the Future Awards Africa held at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island.

According to Amaechi, Buhari, who eventually defeated Jonathan, inherited an empty treasury when he came into office as President.

The transportation minister lamented that had the Jonathan government saved rather than squandered the country’s resources, getting money to fund some major railway projects in the country would have been easy.

Amaechi said, “When Obasanjo was leaving, he left about $65bn in the Excess Crude Account, but this money was frittered away and we wonder where the money is.

“As at then, the price of crude oil during the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration hovered around $140, with this, they did not leave anything for the incoming government.

“With that kind of money, we should be thinking of connecting Nigeria through rail system. The rail between Ibadan to Kano would have been completed.

“Also the rail gauge between Port Harcourt to Maiduguri and Lagos to Calabar would have been completed, but all the excess crude money was frittered away, we need to ask questions.’’

Amaechi said as the then Chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum, he was influential and could have stayed and used his position to force the former ruling party to do the right thing, but he was simply fed up.

“My attention and belief shifted to Buhari which was the viable alternative; I believe in the change mantra because it is the only way to improve on what is on the ground.

“He (Buhari) has not disappointed (the country) because the economy is now back on track and is growing. This is evident in the current prices of food items because it’s getting lower.”

Efforts to get Jonathan’s reaction did not succeed, as phone calls placed to the mobile line of the former President’s spokesman, Mr. Ikechukwu Eze, did not go through.

Eze had also not responded to both a text message and an email sent to him as of press time.

But the PDP has accused Amaechi of leading the governors against the Jonathan administration in its bid to save money.

The former ruling party said that Amaechi, as the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, was also asking the Federal Government to share all of the money in the Excess Crude Account.

It wondered why the former governor of Rivers State would now turn around to accuse the former President and his administration of not saving money.

The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan, spoke on behalf of the PDP in an interview with one of our correspondents.

He said, “Nigerians won’t take Amaechi serious because they know the roles he led the governors to play in frustrating the government to share every kobo in the ECA.

“It was Amaechi who was leading the governors against the Federal Government. Nigerians are aware that Amaechi is merely playing to the gallery. “

JUST IN: :Unknown gunmen invade Magu’s house, kill policeman

Unknown gunmen last night invaded the bungalow farmhouse of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu and killed a policeman.

According to findings, the gunmen stormed the farmhouse in Karshi in the Federal Capital Territory at about 10pm Tuesday and exchanged fire with the policemen on sentry.

A police Sergeant was hit and he died instantly.

This is the second time that the same the house will be attacked by unknown elements.

The last 10 months had been tough for Magu because of his refusal to bow to pressure from some high-profile suspects and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

Following threats, security was beefed up for Magu and his immediate family leading to the deployment of policemen to the uncompleted bungalow in Karshi.

Some suspected elements had also been prowling the family’s house in the Borno State capital and issuing threats to the woman.

This latest attack came barely 48 hours after Magu said the anti-corruption will be a do-or-die affair.

Speaking on Monday after a walk to mark the anti-corruption Day, Magu said: “For those of us on this side; in the anti-corruption agencies of government, in the media, and civil society, the dagger is drawn and I believe I am speaking the mind of everyone on this side that we intend to neither retreat nor surrender in our noble intention to cure our country of the evils of corruption.

“For us as a country, the fight against corruption is a ‘do or die’ affair; we have to win the battle or die trying.

Details later…

Oyo enters agreement with Army to build Garison, as South-west Govs laud Nigerian Army efforts in peace building

The Oyo State Government has entered into an agreement with the Nigeria Army to build a permanent garrison for peace and security to sustain the subsisting tempo of security in the state.

This is coming on the heels of commendations from across the country over the efforts of the Nigerian Army in quelling insurrections and other multiple armed local conflicts around the country.

The efforts has attracted widespread eulogies from many state Governors whose enclaves, which were previously hijacked by armed criminals, have been rescued by the Nigerian Army.

Governor Ajimobi made the disclosure, on Monday in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, during the opening ceremony of the last quarter of the 2017 Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Conference with the theme; “Re-appraising the Nigerian Army’s Operational Efficiency in Containing Contemporary National Security Challenges.”

Efforts of the Nigerian Army in quelling insurrections and other multiple armed local conflicts around the country have attracted widespread eulogies from many state governors whose enclaves, which were previously hijacked by armed criminals, have been rescued by the Nigerian Army.

The event was graced by President Muhammedu Buhari, who was represented by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen. Gabriel Abayomi Olonisakin as well as serving and retired military top brass among them, former COASs Lt. General Kenneth Minimah and Gen. O.A Ihejirika. Also, Major Gen. Ike Nwachukwu was in attendance among others.

The State Governors were pleased with their partnership of the Nigerian Army, which freed the people from the strangulating grip of numerous armed criminals and hooligans terrorizing communities. They were emphatic that these criminals upturned the serenity of their once peaceful states and hubs of intellectualism into war zones by mindlessly violent attacks on the citizenry.

Edo state Governor Gaius Obaseki, represented by a Senior aide also sent endearing words of appreciation to Nigerian troops at the warfront for their successes in the war against insurgency, adding that the people of Edo state and Nigerians lack words enough to appreciate them for entrenching durable peace in Nigeria.

They noted that the strategic partnership with the Army has enhanced security and peace, which are crucial necessities for growth and development, as they uniformly appreciated the successes of Nigerian troops in the frontline of the war against insurgency. They pontificated that the Army discharged their constitutional duties professionally and responsibly; while encouraging them to sustain the winning streaks in the counter-insurgency operations.

Governor Ajimobi recounted painfully how a former President of Nigeria once described Ibadan as a political garrison command, which bred all manner of armed criminals who daily terrorized the state, noting, it almost tainted the good image of the state, as the intellectual epicenter of Nigeria, as host of Nigeria’s first premier university in history.

Ajimobi revealed that what saved the state from the inferno of the armed criminals was the initiative of his administration to partner with the Nigerian Army, which he said, has rewarded bountifully, as the old infamous tag of “garrison of armed criminals and rogues” has regained its status as a haven of peace and security.

He repeatedly bragged that his administration’s collaboration with the Nigerian Army has rewarded handsomely, by flushing out all sorts of criminal elements from Oyo State.

He reminded guests at the event that Ibadan is a former capital of the defunct Western region and still peopled by all Nigerians, by virtue of its treasure of peace and hospitality, which men of the underworld sought to destroy, save for the intervention of the Nigerian Army.

The Governor therefore welcomed Nigerians to Oyo State, as their home to freely visit at any time they deem fit as security, peace and tranquility have been restored to this ancient largest city in Africa.

The Governor said, he desires to sustain this partnership with the Army with the understanding to build a garrison of peace and security where developments in all sector would thrive unhindered and, in abundance to add value to the lives of citizens of the state.

The State Governor feted the COAS Lt. Gen. Buratai as the symbol of a perfect gentleman-soldier in words, character and action, crowning it with a request to the Army leadership to consider his induction into the Nigerian Army as an “Honorary General,” in recognition of his recent fruitful alliance with the military to deliver security, peace and dividends of democracy to the good people of Oyo State.

Former minister, dons unveil book on Buratai

Former Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, Dr. Sam Ode, and other members of the intellectual class in Nigeria yesterday unveiled books they authored on the achievements of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Buratai.

The former minister in a written speech made available to press men said there’s the need to constantly review the dynamic undercurrents of terrorism war with its global connections and linkage to Nigeria while reassessing the operational strategies to adopt new methods in order to strengthen defence apparatus in the country.

Ode, who made the presentation at the Annual Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Conference held in Ibadan, commended President Muhammadu Buhari,for his resolute attention to matters of security in the country.

He described as excellent the leadership virtues exhibited by the Chief of Army Staff and said Buratai is leading Nigerian troops to courageously and gallantly decimate and defeat Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria.

“I haven’t said this because I live in Abuja or have read in newspapers but as a former member of the Federal Executive Council at the time bombings started in Nigeria and one who has travelled the length and breadth of the country before and after the insurgency,” he stated.

The former minister saluted the efforts and sacrifices of troops who played active roles in the redemption mission for ensuring Nigerians live in peace as one indissoluble nation and by the resolve of the military leadership to ensure no part of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Nigeria is severed by devious sects, which delight in threatening our corporate existence.

” I have no doubt in my mind that the re-professionalized and repositioned Nigerian Army has made Nigeria and Africa proud by its daring and successful exploits on Boko Haram terrorism. We all know the dynamic and assymetrical character of terrorism warfare, which has proved difficult to surmount, even by far more technologically advanced nations of the word,” he stated.

The former minister said the Nigerian Army which is leading the counter-terrorism operations in the Northeast and other parts of the country proved their mettle as competent and result-orientated troops on any assignment adding that the timely legacy of defeating terrorism has left the world in awe and attracted foreign senior military officers to Nigeria for partnership to acquire the wealth of knowledge and experience.

He said, “Nonetheless, i want to seize this unique opportunity offered me to address this special conference to further amplify the enviable and exemplary leadership style of the COAS, Lt. Gen. TY Buratai saying he is not just a soldier, but a General in the true sense of the world.

“He strikes me like the finest Army Officer to berth in Nigeria for years. Gen. Buratai is rough and rugged in the trenches and at the same time, an impressive visionary and master of military administration. These are the opinions of leading Nigerian scholars, researchers and even critics that I have documented in my work “ The People’s Soldier” and have been invited by this August gathering to formally present to you. ”

Ode said he has overheard Nigerians excitedly talk about the Nigerian Army and specifically, the COAS in glowing descriptions such as “The Peoples Soldier,” or the “Defence Gateman.” All these refer to his demonstrated competence on his job of securing our country from weird sects and his friendliness to civilians.

” I dare say, Nigeria is fortunate to be blessed with a resplendent military prodigy like Gen. Buratai . On the battlefield or in the office, Gen. Buratai conducts himself as a gifted genius of a rare breed. In his portrait, we see a replication of the world’s best brains in several fields because he leaves a lasting impression.

” So, I have no reservation to state that had he chosen another profession, he would have been equated with the likes of the Microsoft founder, as the Bill Gates of Nigeria; in literary perception, Gen. Buratai is the Shakespeare of our times. In football, he is like the Brazilian legend, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, popularly known as Pelé; in musical sphere, Gen. Buratai is like the famed pop star, Michael Jackson; in political leadership, he fits into the shoes of Mahatma Ghandi of India or like the American in astronaut Neil Armstrong in aeronautics. And in warfare, he replicates the image of the Chinese strategist and tactician Sun Tse.

“We are happy that the internationally celebrated Army General is of Nigerian descent. A humble personality, Lt. Gen. Buratai is simply the People’s soldier, who is always with his troops, shares their joys and pains and strikes an interpersonal relationship with his troops and cares to identify them by their names. These are rare leadership qualities and, the younger generation of officers particularly has a lot to learn from him,” he stated.

President Buhari was represented by at the event by the Chief of Defence Staff, General Abayomi Gabriel Olonishakin whilst the Oyo State Governor led members of the high table to unveil the books.

African countries to abolish visas for Nigerians – Lai Mohammed

Twenty Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has disclosed how President Muhammadu Buhari is spearheading a programme where Africans, including Nigeria, would not need visas to visit other African countries.

The minister said once the move is accomplished and the visa regime is liberalised, tourists would be encouraged to visit African countries.

Mohammed made these known when he briefed newsmen, shortly after defending the sector’s budget before the Senate Committee on Tourism, in Abuja, yesterday.

The minister noted that there is an improvement in Nigeria’s visa regime and that the current “visa on arrival programme” recently introduced by the Federal Government, is working very well.

Also, 24 hours after Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun told visitors that the Federal Government will soon release N750 billion to fund capital projects in the 2017 budget, Mohammed, also spoke on the level of implementation.

“It is not that government is deliberately withholding releases to fund the 2017 budget or starving us. It is because we do not have enough money to do that.

“When budgets are made, they are made based on certain assumptions and if you are not able to get enough to meet your assumptions, there will be poor release.

“At least, there is improvement in different sectors like the Nigeria Customs Service, while the price of crude oil is getting better. There is also more peace in the Niger Delta. So we can produce more,’’ the minister disclosed.

He opined that Public, Private Partnership is one of the most viable ways to revive the tourism sector and that efforts are being made by the present administration in that direction.

The minister also said there is remarkable improvement in the sector’s activities.

He said: “Anybody who has been observing what is happening in the creative industry, including culture, film industry, fashion, will see that there is remarkable transformation and that is because government has provided the enabling environment.

“The creative industry is on a tripod, the government, the private sector and the practitioners and what government has done is to give the support that the industry needs to grow.

“For instance, sometime this year, the Federal Government included the film industry in the list of industries that will enjoy pioneer status. What this means is that if you invest in this industry with a certain amount of money, you will be entitled to tax holiday for three years at the initial stage and another two years. In addition, dividends from your businesses will be exempted from taxation. This is one of the incentives government has given.”

The Minister said meetings had been held with relevant stakeholders in ensuring that they contributed their quota to the development of the sector.

“At the creative industry financing summit held recently, we met with the Inspector General of Police to express our concern at the rate of piracy. He immediately set up an anti-piracy unit in each command of the federation.

“We also met the Central Bank Governor asking for an intervention fund to the tune of 100 million dollars to enable people in the industry to invest in infrastructure. Also, as I speak to you, we are talking to NEXIM Bank. We are equally talking to some investors, who are ready to bring in 20 million dollars.

“This is to enable the industries, especially the film industry to have cinema houses all over the country. So, what is important is enabling environment,’’ he said.

Mohammed listed part of the present government’s achievements to include revival of the Presidential Council on Tourism, headed by the President, with ministers as members.